Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bright Day in a Dark Canyon

Robe Canyon is dark. Black rock, grey glacial water, and a tight enough canyon that there is a rapid called Last Sunshine. But this morning it felt rather bright in there. Brock Gavery and I took Bryan Smith on his madien voyage through the canyon, and we were lucky enough to have shuttle drivers/dog walkers in the form of some canadian friends who were down to fly out of Seattle...eh. There is a an old railroad grade, which is now a trail, that runs down the first half of the canyon. The cannucks walked all our dogs along the trail, and it was fun to keep seeing them along the way. I guess I never paid much attention to the trail until today. We had a fun day, scouting every so often and taking some video along the way. Robe changes about every year with winter floods, and so far this spring it feels cleaner than in years past. Trap Door 1, one of the bigger rapids, is definately the cleanest version in awhile, and conversation is also probably a little smoother and easier as well.

Click here to see some video of the trip. Warning: Its my first project on Final Cut, and may take awhile to load. Feel free to critique.

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