Thursday, May 12, 2005

Road 34 Dirt Jump Jam & my new camera

I recently purchased a Canon 20D digi SLR ( Wanted to get back into photography & the missions we have planned for this summer (as well as all the cool stuff I'm involved in at work) were the perfect excuse to spend some loot on a nice camera. I haven't had a ton of time to invest in figuring out all the features on it yet & I'm definitely still learning how to work it.

This past weekend, I helped out with Road 34's annual Dirt Jump Jam & party. Road 34 is a new-ish bike shop in Fort Collins, run by a couple upstarts with a very punk/DIY ethos. The shop & the owners are pretty raw, but they are definitely making waves in the old-guard FC bike market. They've managed to carve out a rabidly loyal clientele in 5 short years, & are catering mostly to the 'core set from word-of-mouth around campus. ( check em at: )

I took my new camera to shoot the riders, & brought back a couple keepers. See photos below (thanks to Shane for posting them!)...


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