Sunday, June 05, 2005

Living the High Life at Skooks

After last weekend's high water mission, Drew and I decided that the Skooks was in order for the following. With the tide running at 13.7 the first day and 14.8 the second, we would have no trouble finding a wave to launch us into the air. Ben, Suzanne, and Matt all joined Drew to form a Seattle crew, while Lise-Anne and I rolled in from Squamish. My karma with ferries has been forever fucked since living in the San Juan Islands. And somehow when Drew enters the picture, I have even worse luck. So after missing the 9:20 ferry by seconds, Lise-Anne and I ended up on the 11:20 ferry with the rest of the crew. That would just be the start of ferry issues for the weekend.

On bigger tides that wave gets going pretty good within an hour of the tide turning, so we wasted little time getting geared up to get into the wave. Ben had never been to the Skooks before, so it was a treat to see his eyes light up when he caught the first glimpse of the wave. There is really nothing like a mission to the Skooks and it is even better when you only have the wave to share with eight other people for over four hours! We were so stoked to find no crowds, a perfect wave, and plenty of air time.

bryan getting some clean left air

photo by andrew oberhardt

one of Ben's many huge blunts in the Space Cadet

photo by andrew oberhardt

drew about to stick a helix

After hitting the Green Rosette Bakery for breakfast on Sunday morning we got after day two. James Mole was up...throwing absolutely massive air screws when the wave greened. Lise-Anne and I wanted to catch the 8:20 boat back so we bailed the wave at 5:30. Just enough time to catch the ferry, but it was way overloaded with weekend traffic. When Drew, Matt, Ben, and Suzanne showed up at the ferry three hours later they were laughing. They got to finish the tide out and we both ended up on the same ferry. Northwest boaters all share in the comedy of ferry stories. I guess it was my turn for some bad luck this weekend.

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