Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Big South Eye Candy

A few more pics from Cool World on the Big South.
All photos taken by TG....enjoy.

Frank from Rattlecan Films entering Left.

Matt Hopkins online, or is that on line.

Nate Mack...Proper

Oliver picking through the center line

Ryan Casey with the Finish

Below Cool World


Anonymous said...

Nice, dude. Just found your blog. We could have used you and your camera skillz up on the NF of the Crystal this weekend. Yule is looking super sick.


Todd Gillman said...

nf crystal + yule makes for an exciting weekend. it's been a couple yrs since i was on those, & when we did them, we shot a ton of vid which was subsequently used for an lvm segment. i really wanted to get back there this yr to shoot stills, but doesn't look promising that i'll pull it off.

keep in touch!