Monday, July 25, 2005

The Range Life Crew Fires It Up!

With the Range Life crew all coming together for the first time and BC flows optimal, choices were abundant and energy levels high for the week. Here's a brief rundown of our week's itinerary:

Fri: Breakfast w/ Andrew Oberhardt in Seattle; Fight border traffic; Upper Cheak (Whistler Cup)
Sat: Callaghan Cr. a.m.; Soo River (Whistler Cup) p.m.
Sun: Upper Birkenhead River a.m.; Callaghan Cr. (Whistler Cup finals event) p.m.
Mon: Day of fiascos! Keys locked in truck a.m.; Flat tire, no jack, AND flat spare tire 40km from nearest town p.m.
Tue: Rogers Creek
Wed: Rogers Creek; Bryan's injured rib kept us off Snowcap Creek & Tretheway; Early departure for a relaxing evening
survey of local talent at Lost Lake in Whistler (highly recommended!)
Thu: High water bail-out on Culliton Cr. a.m.; Upper Ashlu p.m.
Fri: Tatlow Creek!
Sat: Rope Swing at Brohm Lake and Tree Swing at Jonavens

It was quite a week! Details forthcoming.

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