Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Dropping the Big One

Bigger than any waterfall out there, lies the question of, "will you marry me?"

Well, Range Lifer, Bryan Smith dropped in this past weekend. And if this makes any of you who have enjoyed Bryan's posts concerned that he might start falling off the radar let me assure you with this:

Bryan and some of the seattle crew were planning a trip to the Clendenning over the long weekend, and on Monday evening I get a call from Mr. Smith. He begins the call with the trip report and how the weather cancelled the flights and other kayaking details and only after all that is covered does he tell me the big news. He also proposed the day before he was supposed to embark on this 3 day kayaking trip. So it is clear to me that his priorities are still in order.



Elliot Jacobs said...

Woo Hoo Bryan, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

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