Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ernie's Canyon Update

OK, so I'm new to the neighborhood, but I've heard plenty about Seattle's "most local" good run, Ernie's Canyon. Recently, all talk of this run centered around an unfortunately-located log that renders one of the better drops, "Raft Catch", too dangerous to run. Being homeless & unemployed, I was an easy target for mission assistance. Johnny Utah had little trouble roping me in for this project, in spite of Shane's warning ("I wouldn't bother. It was a thrash last time, and it will be this time as well.")

Turns out, it wasn't so bad getting in. And the log has been removed.

Utah posin' .. that's what he does.

The reef that makes up the runout to Raft Catch. ((To all my CO peoples, you can see in the reflection in the pool that it was indeed another dreary, soggy day in the NW. You best stay where it's warm 'n dry all the time.))

Bonus: We cut a new alternate put-in trail that takes you right to the start of the canyon thereby alleviating the slackwater paddle in. The approach is pretty much all downhill at a mellow grade & will take about 20 minutes. I haven't even paddled this run yet, so it was cool to get a low-water glimpse of the spooky geology that comprises its guts. Now all we need's some precip to make it go.

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