Sunday, September 25, 2005

Surf Egmont

Couple shots from last weekend's Skookumchuck mission. Apparently that was the last time this summer that the tides will produce on a weekend. So it was a bit crowded on Saturday, but Sunday was chill. We had a fun crew & some of the kids were shredding the rad, or shralping the gnar, or gnashin' the nasty (take your pick) ...

In a classy "thanks for your support" kinda way, Martin & his fam from the Green Rosette bakery came out to the wave Sun. evening bearing salmon & rice, baked goods, & sodas enough for the whole Skook surf crew -- very delicious, much needed, & even more appreciated. Then we got to paddle out in the dark, while our paddle strokes & boat wakes activated the bioluminesent Dinoflagellates.

All photos: Todd Gillman


Anonymous said...

Hey, is that a Session Plus in that first shot? Can you do tricks in that thing? Props to the old schooler in the photo!

Anonymous said...

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