Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Range Life Video Productions!

While I have been absent from the NW boating scene for most of the winter, rest assured that I have been busy either shredding the pow on this seemingly endless winter here in BC or cranking out some new video for the Range Life. Having stacks of tapes from our adventures in 2005 I decided to put my new G5 to use and produce some quality footage that captures the tone of the Range Life crew. Check out issue # 18 of LVM for a killer British Columbia segment that documents some of the unique stuff we got up to this summer.

Here is a little tease from a trip on the CLENDENNING. The Clendenning is a 2-3 day wilderness multi-day trip that involves a super long shuttle and a float plane trip out of Whistler. It is a gem that I will do my best to get on every Fall for the rest of my paddling life. This trip boasts some of the most stunning scenery I have ever experienced on the river.

brian urakawa paddling at elevation

photo by bryan smith

The float plane lands on Clendenning Lake and you are instantly humbled by the glacier capped granite peaks that stare at you in every direction. The river is exactly what you want that far into the BC bush. Mostly continuous class 4 with several class 5 rapids to keep you alert and mind blowing scenery.

checking out the ice bergs

photo by shane robinson

Our journey was amazing on that river. Enjoy the footage and stay tuned for more Range Life productions!


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