Thursday, April 06, 2006

Trip Jennings Metlako Falls Photo!

Epic Alternate Title:
"Epicocity Project’s Trip Jennings’ Epic Second-D of Oregon’s Epic Metlako Falls … Like Totally Epic!"

Location: Eagle Creek, Columbia River Gorge, OR

Since Dave Grove’s 1D of Metlako Falls in 2004, a lot of kayakers have scoped out this beautiful punchbowl with the thought of running it .. But no takers til this past week when VA-turned-OR boy Trip Jennings decided it was time for the 2D. That Metlako has been scouted a lot is a natural consequence of proximity, being just up the road from boater-heavy PDX & within spitting distance of west coast paddling mecca Hood River. That Grove’s run went unmatched for so long surprises me a little, but then again, this is a waterfall that was claimed (not certified) to be a World Record – it’s freakin’ huge. Grove's classic quote published in '04 is too good to go un-revisited: "I'd just like to thank all the people who believed in me, and tell all the people who didn't, Believe it now” ... Wow.

There’s been some chatter lately on the forums as to the actual height of the drop. This past March a crew of paddlers claimed to have measured it repeatedly at 82 feet – 19 fewer feet than the 101-foot “World Record” height reported in ’04. If accurate, this would be quite a miscalculation, especially given that the run was widely touted as a World Record. On Boatertalk, the ENSUING DRAMA included some most excellent verbal scrappin’ between both legends of the sport & heated locals alike .. & ultimately resulted in some beneficial discussion around general waterfall measurement protocol ... me, I just eyeball it & add 10 feet.

Trips take? "I know of two measurements of the drop, one at 85 and one at 101, and I couldn't care less who was right. Running Metlako was super fun, didn't hurt a bit, and very few people have seen that gorge from the inside...probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been." This from a dude who’s been to a lot of beautiful places.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’d already know that Trip & the Epicocity crew have been firing up a lot of really splashy rapids this past year (how’s your backs boys?). You’d also know that they will be throwing a premiere party on May 6 for the release of their NEW FEATURE-LENGTH FLICK “Mission: Epicocity” at OR’s famous Bob’s Hole on the Clackamas. Trip promises “free booze, free music,and a kick ass dance party. Oh and the video thing too,” so if you’re anywhere near the NW, make plans to be there. Click HERE for more info.

In other news, Spencer's MOUSTACHE-GROWING COMP kicked off this week ... Seriously, WTF??? I'm just jealous cuz I still can't even grow a sweet moustache.


Quick TRL updates. We are currently working on:
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2. a Rocky Mountain video segment for online release
3. the rest of the Vancouver Island reports

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