Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Trails, Justin

If you’ve been doing more than just looking at the photos (ie. reading the posts) over the last couple months you might pick up on Todd’s frustration over the lack of people to go boating with in the Seattle vicinity. So when one of the crew leaves, it’s a bit of a blow.

Last week Justin Tatosian made the move back to Jackson Hole. I can’t really blame him…I mean he’s getting paid more, having to work less, and well gets to live in a not-so-bad location.

Justin's First Morning Back in the Hole...Like I said, a not-so-bad place.

But I just wanted to say that it was good having Justin as part of the crew, and while I know you’ll come back to visit and I’ll have a couch to sleep on in Jackson, you’ll be missed on future boating missions in the Northwest. And Ralf will be missed at the take-out. Good Luck to ya in Jackson!

To further illustrate the point above...I first met Justin a few nights before Bryan Urakawa and I were going to do a first descent on Eagle Creek, and ... we couldn't find anyone to go Justin's first run-in with the Seattle crew was down this ultra-low volume, non-stop exploratory creek.

Justin, trying to figure out if he liked Eagle Creek or wanted to shoot me for dragging him along.

Justin In Action

Photo by Justin's Seattle Roommate Andrew Oberhardt

Justin with his trusted sidekick - Ralf

Photo by Andrew

Photo by Andrew

Photo by Andrew

Justin was always wearin' the Wyo Flag...even 'round dese parts

I think this photo captures about every paddler in Seattle at Justin's Farewell Fall In the Wall run.

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