Tuesday, September 05, 2006

TRL Update: Catching Up

So we've been kinda quiet lately, huh? Well, with family visits, job interviews, law school, moving house, trying to quickly cobble together plans for both a September wedding & this little thingy down in Peru, & even making time for some righteous whitewater paddleboating, we've been too preoccupied for quality blogging on the internets. Over the next couple weeks, however, we'll be catching you up on some of our recent misadventures, as well as introducing the new IR Vacation To Hell Rio Huallaga Expedition Blog. We're still working it out, but both blogs will share some duties with regard to Peru -- the VTH blog will obviously host most of that material. We have enough going on outside of the VTH to keep TRL alive, we think.

So here's a little preview of what's in store.

((1)) Upper Tatlow First Descent by guest editor BROCK GAVERY

Joey V. Photo

Joey V. Photo

TG Photo

Joey V. Photo

((2)) Ashlu Extravaganza featuring Commitment Canyon & the nicest footage we've ever captured! (Note: That's not "nice" like Care Bears "nice". It's "nice" like old school hip hop "nice".)
Here's a quick TEASER Kato threw together. The vid shows Ledcor's "checkpoint" that's been set up at the mouth of the canyon to monitor traffic & "inform" recreationists of the canyon's impending demise. WATCH THE "NICE" TEASER & expect a an extra-nice full-length in the very near future.

((3)) ESSAY: Greenwashing: Ledcor & the Ashlu IPP
I'll be tackling the issue of misrepresentation in communications as it pertains to Ledcor's messaging on the Ashlu micro-hydro project.

((4)) Intro to the IR VTH Rio Huallaga Expedition Blog

TRL Family Portrait!

((5)) NF Quinault Trip Report by guest ed. ANDREW OBERHARDT

So check back soon for the new updates.


Anonymous said...

Bolivia see marked rise in tourist abductions. Wall Street Journal, 29 August 2006, page D6. "Since January, more than 30 tourists have been kidnapped in or near La Paz . . . . Three of those were slain and two were raped . . . . Many of the kidnappings . . . started in the tourist areas of Tiwanaku and Copacabana . . .

Anonymous said...

Anxious to see the full Ashlu vid. That teaser is some NICE work. How'd you guys set up that SkyCam shoot?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan,
I just wanted to wish you and your wife congrats! Good work on the Range Life video and good luck with the trip! Wishing you all the best!