Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Enviro Link Dump

This was going to be a more formal eco-rant essay. However, for various reasons that I will not bore you with now, the essay will have to wait. And instead I will just give you some links that I have been collecting along with a few thoughts. Hope you enjoy.

GLOBAL WARMING was going to be the focus of the essay. The IPCC came out with their report recently. Even BUSH acknowledged it in his State of the Union. I think its time to recognize that each and everyone of us has been put on notice. Recycling your beer bottles can only be seen as a modicum of environmentalism as members of a DEVELOPED SOCIETY. It's time that everyone seriously examines where products (and food) come from and where they are going to go when used and how they are made.

Adjustments and compromises need to be 24/7/365. Time to take ACTION.

If you have a better idea, you could win $25 MILLION for a Global Warming solution but, THIS ...

As for KAYAK SHUTTLES, pick your POISON.

Or, an excellent (and free) BIODIESEL MOVIE.
... BECAUSE ...

Also, here are 10 ways to deal with PEAK OIL.

To get this more directly focused on RIVER ENVIRONMENTALISM
Because some people DON'T GET IT.

Finally, if global warming and peak oil haven’t cheered you up, DON'T FORGET THIS. (<---- this is the best one...seriously....err, humorously!)


Andrew Oberhardt said...


I appreciate what you're trying to convey here. I also appreciate you not wanting to bore us with the details of why you didn't have time to write your essay. I think it's safe to say that most trl subscribers are also busy, and can fully relate. Nobody can blame you for that. You guys already put an amazing amount of effort into Trl, and all for free on top of your real jobs.

Now, if you're too busy to organize the information into an easily digestible format then how do you expect us to have the time to sort through your notes? I don't want to bore you with the details, but I'm bored of dealing with details. If you want people (such as myself) to actually spend the time to read, take your time and write that essay. Keep it concise. Make your point, and provide a few *optional* links for more information.


Shane Robinson said...


Thanks for the comment. However, I never said that I was too busy to write the essay. I just said I wouldn't bore you with my excuses for why the essay is on hold. This post spawned from an act of copycatting. There is a blog I read regularly (linked to often in this post) that used this link dump format. I found it useful. I syndicate several blogs for that very reason - they provide information without having to seek it out myself. As I have always done with my posts, if I like something, there is a good chance others will like it. Kind of like that old adage, "If you have a question, 10 other people do also."
Sorry, you found this to be too much work, I was just trying to pass on entertaining and information links. Finally, many of these links can be absorbed by the reader in a much more concise way than I could report them back to you, so I guess I found a certain efficiency in this as well.

Shane Robinson said...

Oh, also these are links that would likely not make the cut, if the essay gets written, but I found them worthy enough to post, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. I was recently looking for a good biodiesel blog. This one looks pretty good. And I can't wait to get home and watch this movie. I appreciate the subtle and not-so-subtle eco themes in your blog. We all need that kick in the arse.