Sunday, February 25, 2007

w00t w00t!!!

Hells Yes, theRangeLife/Bryan Smith won the National Paddling Film Festival's "Best of Festival" award! Congrats!!

The segment is a super-fun compilation of material from this past spring & summer in British Columbia. Hmmm, I wonder when we can post it for public consumption .. I'll let Bryan handle that detail, since it's his baby.

Nice work Bryan!


Shane Robinson said...

nice camera, kato ;-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Bryan! TRL taking over the WORLD??? Maybe but whatever you think about TRL Bryan's message is loud and clear - SAVE THE ASHLU!!!!!! -

christ said...

Excellent work Brian.
Way to keep it Reel.

Bryan Smith said...

Thanks for the props guys. Thanks to Shane, Lise-Anne, and Shertzel for help with the cameras. I will have apost up later today with some eye candy!

Andrew Oberhardt said...

Speaking of the National Paddling Film Festival, did anyone see their still photo winner (

The slow shutter / motion blurr on the water a bit interesting, but It's framed so poorly that most of that is cut out in favor of empty space and parts of two other boaters. The paddlers are all in shadows and the right side is overexposed. Many of the other entries are better, as are just about all of the tRL photo hold'em entries (even the losers).

Nice work tRL not only on winning the best in show video award, but for hosting consistently higher quality photos than most other venues.


Anonymous said...

Damn Smitty,

Even God's son found time to log onto TRL to give props & thanks.


Peace be with you...


Anonymous said...

Nice one Shurdle. Took me a minute, but I got it. I got it.