Thursday, March 15, 2007

Photo Hold'em | The World Cup of Photo Hold'em!

People, this is the main event .. The First (possibly) Annual World Cup of TRL Photo Hold'em. It's late & I wish I had some more juice to blow this thing up, but alas, I'm runnin' on fumes so I'm going to let the images speak for themselves.

Check the hands. Same as last time, we're going to leave one card face-down to give y'all the opportunity to put your cheddar on the player you think will take the Cup. (disclaimer: figurative "cheddar", not literally *on* the player, & I dunno, maybe I will send the winner a real "cup" if I can find one that's appropriate.)

OK, with that awesome build-up outta the way, let's see some cards.



Darin's 3 previously played cards

Darin's 1st of 2 new cards




Barbora's previously played cards

Barbora's 1st of 2 new cards


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Anonymous said...

Both great shots, but Barbora's photo (s) are lacking in lime green boatedness.

Darwin wins.


Anonymous said...

Yeap, I agree! The lime takes the light. My cheese is on Darin. Can't wait to see that last card!!

Anonymous said...

Darin's definately taking this. That rappel shot just blows me away everytime I look at it. And the new card, wow. That's the sickest boof shot I've ever seen. Great timing with the paddle stroke, look on Dustin's face, and upward angle of the boat. I'm just curious to see what's still face down.

Barbora, you should have replayed the shot of the boat getting dragged along a bleak snowy road, that was my laptop wallpaper all winter. I loved a lot of her shots and I'm glad the judges went appreciated artistic pictures more than the huck fest snapshots. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I really want to know what is on the sign below the boater in Barbora's new shot. Does it say "will boat for beer", "send help", or "turn the water back up"?

Chris said...

I'd give it to Darin so far. I love the third shot on the windy rapid. It just gets me into the flow of the scene. Plus that flying boof is pretty wild.

AustinR said...

So, i'm gonna go ahead and be the one to disagree with you all. I really wish people in the kayak world would take hold of what is real not just some big old meet huckin. Darin is an amazing photographer who has played some great stuff. But too much of the same. Barbora, however has shown us a variety of truly artistic photography. And i'm proud of her for not showing ONE monster rapid. She has gracefully shown us racing, playboating, river-running and lifestyl shots. In poker terms maybe a flush? or a full house? as opposed to darin's 3 of a kind Ace high(rapelling shot) I think this one will come down to the final card. Can Barbora play an Ace and come away with a Royal Straight flush? or will Darin pull out his fourth of a kind? And If Barbora does pull the Ace will the judges have the guts to go against mainstream kayaking and truly show respect to someone who showed a variety of work? NO MOR ALSESECA PLEASE! that is all I ask. Can't wait to see what happens next...

Anonymous said...

austin you are a meat hucker at heart, but i can see where you are coming from. they just have to decide weather or not they like the YGP style porn or a little more lifestyle path. i do have to say that boof shot is pretty dope!! and i dont really dig the chilling on the rock pic. No more alsaseca would be a good thing you have to have moe than just that one trip under your belt. let it begin this battle is even bigger than the one in the lord of the rings. Will rohan prevail or will the orc take over middle earth. One ring to rule them all.

Barbora said...

great series, darin! i'm lying stright on the floor. genious lime:)

Anonymous said...

I have to go with barbora here. I think the pictures from Alsesca trip where great, but i'm kinda tired of them now.... So you have to play a card from another trip now.

It doesn't matter how hard you paddle, in the end it's all about who had the most fun on the way.

Darin said...

Not all those shots are from the Alseseca. All the green is just by chance :)

Caliproduct said...

you guys are all going to eat your anti-meat hucking words when you see Darin's next shot. Btw, Barbara's shot is pretty cool, but only cause that looks like a sic safety sesh ledge.