Monday, March 26, 2007


I. The "Bert Bradley Trifecta"
II. A friend in need is a real pain in the ..
III. Wallpaper


I. The "Bert Bradley Trifecta"

Received an email from our friend Hale up in Bellingham alerting us to a cool all-day "event" planned in April. The Bert Bradley Trifecta will be an ambitious full day of shreddin, paddlin, disc-golfin & salmon-barbecuein' that will be done-up in the traditional North Cascades grassroots-community stylee, held in Bert's memory. So if you're in the neighborhood the weekend of 4/21, or if you just need an excuse for a road trip to one of the coolest places on the planet to play & party with some of the coolest folks on the planet, then keep reading. Hale's invite is below:

Trifecta: A one-day marathon combining three of our favorite activities: Mt. Baker in the morning, Boating “the Bend” in the afternoon, and finishing with a round of Disc golf in Glacier. The Trifecta will be concluded with a beer and salmon feed at the Bradley Ranch.

A few years ago I heard the story of a trio of friends accomplishing the Trifecta, a monumental occurrence that has only been done one time. One of these individuals, Brent R. Bradly (Bert), sparked many epic days for all of us, and in his Spirit its time to do it again and never forget to take advantage of each and every day we have!
I am declaring Saturday, April 21st Boarding, Boating, and Frolfing for Bert Day!
Anyone interested need only to take advantage of this day to the fullest, however you can. Either participate in all three events or whatever you care to take on!

The mountain opens at 9:00. Rather than globbing together as a big group, lets just plan on running into each other on the mountain, especially if it’s a powder day.

Boating the Bend at 12:30. Let's meet at the upper put-in with the big parking turnout (mile marker 37). Make plans to leave a shuttle rig or two at the take-out on the way up to the mountain.

Disc golf after boating, 18 or 36 holes for the manliest or womanliest of frolfers! I think parking at the ranger station for frolf might be a good idea depending on the numbers we have.

Beer and Salmon at the Bradley Ranch afterwards with a raging bonfire!!!

II. A friend in need is a real pain in the ..

OK, here's the deal. I have this little trip abroad happening in July. I also have this little pet named Corey-dog that, for obvious reasons, won't be coming with me to Peru. Actually, he's not that little at all; more like 90 pounds of stinky, sheddy, licky dog. He's an old man & is pretty mellow unless he's in a vehicle, at which time he becomes possessed by Beelzebub. No, seriously.

At any rate, I'm being proactive in seeking out temporary domecile for the old guy while I'm out of the country. Ideally, he'd have some space to roam around on & someone to hang out with for part of the day. He's not a cat hater, so that shouldn't deter anyone. I would be eternally indebted to whomever is able to help out. So if anyone in the Norfwest is interested, please get in touch & I'll happily share the details & let you take him for a test drive.

Thanks, from both of us.

III. Wallpaper

Some random kayaking related images from the last couple weeks of warm 'n wet.

Clearwater Creek

McKibben at the Foss

Joe peeps a big tree

Good .. OK .. Oh well ...


Effers & Schertl on Jefferson


Found a beautiful creekside beach with this enormous mossy tree & decided to play around with different exposures & flash

IV. Thanks for stopping by. I'll announce the Photo Holdem winners in a day or two.

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The last picture of the tree is sweet, nice work!