Sunday, July 08, 2007

Britannia Waterfalls Fly-by (Pt. 2)

This is just some additional eye candy I shot & am posting for y'all, all y'all, y'ouns, y'ins, you's guys & yourn frenz too. For the full story & even more photos, please scroll down to Bryan's report, filed directly below this one!

Matt's hi-tek spool system & a thousand feet of 1-inch steel cable .. good times.

Looking downstream at the beautiful/deadly mess directly below the mandatory take-out eddy.

How many kayakers does it take to ...
Drew, Bryan & Chris Young doing the mathletics to set up a high traverse from which we dangled a Customer Service Representative whose job it was to make sure no one ventured past the mandatory eddy.

My buddy Kyle McCutchen, who was visiting from CO, got to take part in our shenanegans .. & after zenning out for hours while we set up the zip & the safety ...

... he happily stepped up to run the double-set into the sketchy eddy first.

By the way, Kyle, along with my other buddy Evan, recently published an amazing new guide book to the whitewater of the Southern Rockies. It is HIGHLY recommended.

Oooh, pretty!

Bryan post-drop

Drew Mid-drop

LOVE this shot of Drew stompin' & Kyle stokin' ..

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Nathan Silsbee said...

Nice! sweet photos, have fun in peru