Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thank you Mr. Heribert of Cologne

And now, a moment of reverence for the triumphant return of precipitation, crappy weather, and wet rivers here in the Norfwest!

And how about a hearty round of applause for our boy Heribert of Cologne. Hells Yes!

Not familiar with this Heribert character, you say? Well, it's time to acquaint yourself.

It's at about this time each year, all the folks in Colorado begin trying to invoke the blessings of a dude named Ullr, the Norse god of the hunt & of snow (who, was a master skier & who, clearly, favors Colorado's Mormon neighbors.. but that's another matter).

Similarly, when we become a bit parched around "always rainy" Seattle, who do we turn to? Heribert of Cologne, the Patron Saint of Precip, natch. Heribert was the Archbishop of Cologne beginning in the year 998, & is said to have called down a deluge of moisture upon the drought-stricken & famished peasants of that German city during a desperate year, thereby saving their harvest & their lives.

Ever since, he's been the go-to guy when you're feelin' that low-water pinch. This evening's after-work mission down the Robe is proof that Heribert loves us and wants us to be happy. Check the evidence.

Mr. Robinson in Hole In The Wall. The wood has moved out of the left side of the ledge.

Faceplant scoutage & classic autumn scenery in The Robe.

Johnny Utah enjoying the fall colors & extra-medium flow at Faceplant.

Utard about to get a face-full at Leap of Faith.

Shane at the bottom of Leap of Faith. The Leap isn't the issue at 6 ft., it's this sticky ledge after it that you gotta really charge.

Shane @ Garbage

Utah boofing the first ledge @ "20-Foot Waterfall"

And Shane boofing the 2nd ledge @ "20-Foot Waterfall". Note the new log in the left side of the landing of the 2nd drop! It's out of play unless you really goon it. Don't goon it.

The dudes in some random pushy boogie-water. Somewhere around here we saw a big Momma-bear with cub hanging on a rock right at river level. Shane didn't see them & ended up pulling into the eddy created by the rock they were hanging out on. The family had vacated by the time he got there though.

We also saw a huge bald eagle & a great blue heron, each flying low through the canyon.

5 o'clock put-in, several scout/photo stops, & still only 2 hours on the water .. gotta love those extra-medium flows in the flatwater paddle out!


Enrique' said...

Da Robe!

Damn that looks nice. Nice timely TR. I gotsta get my arse in gear.

How was Mrs. Robinson's ledge?

Todd Gillman said...

Conversation through Mrs. Robinson's was da juice. Utard caught the high left eddy on the wall at the BOTTOM of the ledge & came mighty close to getting the workin's .. It's fine if you just make sure you're on the left shelf with just a hair of right angle. I got stood up on my stern by a weird boily thing well below the main part of the drop as I was exiting the mini-gorge. Git sum!

Anonymous said...

throw some of that water in a tanker and send it east will ya?

Shane Robinson said...

Nice work grabbing the pics last night Todd! I lost my motivation as it started getting dark and I was scared!

While, I think Ullr prefers vacationing in Utah over Colorado, he clearly lives just north of Seattle.

Anonymous said...