Friday, November 23, 2007

Pacific Horizons DVD Release and Premiere Tour!

Well November has come and I'm finally watching PACIFIC HORIZONS turn from digital files on my G5 to hundreds of DVD's being shipped around the world. Combine that with being a finalist at the 2007 BANFF MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL and you get me, TRL documentarian Bryan Smith all fired up. Now I know many loyal TRL readers and hardcore whitewater boaters are thinking..."why should I be interested in a sea kayaking film, ain't that for when I retire the plastic creeker and start growing a beard?" Well I have a few answers to that question. First, I can guarantee that there is plenty of action in this film and while you may get all puckered up at the lip of a big waterfall, I'm certain the sea could pucker you up just as much if not more. Second, there are some stunning images and stories in this film that all kayakers will enjoy. Third, if you are pushing 30, married, and still paddling hard whitewater...this could very well be your future so you better start figuring how to be cool on the sea not just a bad ass on the river. Forth, at a bare minimum we will be drinking beer and talking kayaking at these upcoming events, so you really have no excuses and lots of reasons to come and join us at one of the following events!


The West Coast Premiere/Portland
Thursday November 29th 7:30PM
Mission Theatre
1624 NW Glissan
Portland, OR
Free Entry!

Seattle Premiere
Friday November 30th 7:30PM
Seattle Raft and Kayak
7777 62nd Ave NE Building 11
Seattle, WA
Free Entry!

Vancouver Premiere
Tuesday December 4th 7:30PM
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC
Free Entry!


Anonymous said...

Nice work Bryan! Good job gettin er' done. Unfortunatley paddling in Ecuador is keeping me to busy to make it to the premiere. Save me a copy!


AustinR said...

Smith, two questions
A. does it cost money to see the premier in Portland, and if so how much?
B. Are you coming to the Portland premier?

Now answer carefully as the answers will delegate wether or not I attend said Portland premiere...

Bryan Smith said...

A. All the premiere events here in the Northwest are free. In Portland we are doing it at the Mission Theatre which is a sweet venue as some of you may know. Alder Creek has kicked down for the venue and the Mission will be selling beer. There is no cover charge or entry fee to get in. We'll raffle away some stuff, give some vids out, and hopefully sell a bunch too.

B. I will be present

AustinR said...'ve convinced me, I guess this event is "worthy" of my presence!

Anonymous said...

hey - whats the music in the Clear Fork video?


heee hawww said...

Smith, the movie was awesome, nice work!

Caliproduct said...

Thanks for the Pizza and Beer @ SRK Brian. The film was good, some of the segments went a little long but that could just be because most kayaking films nowadays are for ADD Whitewater Addicts.

I've been to Skook before, some of the other standing waves looked pretty sic. If you have the time:
What are the names of the other spots and how do you know if they're in?

Thanks again for the film night.

Paul Gamache