Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Seize the day

With Spring just around the corner, the infamously dark Norfwest Winter is beginning to relent & be a little more generous with the daylight hours, adding incremental bits to the waking- & the happy hour parts of the day. This makes the Dawn Patrol or the After-work mini-shots of recreation actually plausible, and also signifies the light at the end of the long, dark Winter tunnel. We've .. almost .. made ... it .... through ...

It was late last night when Running Man's text made the little chirpy noise on my phone: "What about a dawn patrol? Seize the day!", it read.

Me back to Running Man: "Consider it seized."

It was even later (circa 1:30 a.m.) when Timmy chirped my phone again saying he was in too.

With Ben jumping on in the a.m., we had a proper crew dedicated to the mission: bust out an early Robe lap at a fine flow & be back to town in time for work.

There's a lot to love about Robe Canyon, but I'd have to say that experiencing the canyon in off-peak hours (either early a.m. or late evening) is the way to do it.

See for yourself .. Enjoy the pics (thanks to Ben H. for providing some shots!)

Ben Hawthorne prepping for the short hike in to the Put-in.

Dig me. No, really ...

Dr. Tim amidst the Dawn Patrol splendor. Yeah, he still paddles a Topolino.

Brock Gavery is RUNNING MAN. Here he is hustlin' through the first rapid .. bombs goin' off all around him, no prob.

Lil Miss Sunshine. Dig.

Quasi-sequential of Running Man dealing with a nasty hole.

Timmy the internist, in a Topo, on the same drop. You kinda just have to gut it.


Anonymous said...

TG ! Thanks for the sweet pics!!

Shane Robinson said...

I didn't know the Robe actually had peak hours?

Nice work fellas! I'll be back in the game shortly.

Love the shot of Timmy at the get-in!

Anonymous said...

3rd Ben Hawthorne ive found who paddles :) 1 is me, ww kayaker based in the uk, and theres another whose a kayak coach/climber in NZ. We must have the most boat friendly name or something!

Anonymous said...

TRL returns! Keep the posts coming!

Ben said...

I've never met someone with my name, much less one that kayaks. Now we've got enough of us to do our own blog!

Anonymous said...

good work ladies. what drop is that with the sequence?

Todd Gillman said...

It's the sticky ledge that comes right after Faceplant. Some people like to call it Leap of Faith, while others like to call it Catchers Mitt .. Call it "Leap of Mitt" & you got yr bases covered I guess.