Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Clearwater Carnival

A bunch of us had the good fortune of catching the Clearwater on a sunny Saturday last weekend. It's hard enough to just catch the creek running -- like the NF Snoqualmie (Ernie's), the Clearwater drains an area that's been extensively clearcut, so water levels tend to spike & plummet dramatically, making the creek extremely fickle. The B'ham crew tends to treat a Clearwater day like they would an epic powder day on the mountain. Find it running on a bluebird day & it's like "Drop whatever it is yer doing, Let's go creekin'!"

It's been said there's 30-some individual rapids in about a mile & a quarter .. so really it's more like one long rapid. And it's a lot of fun to just bomb it real fast. So I only stopped at a handful of places to shoot photos.


Kennet & Tret

Shane Sliding For Life

Paul G.


Anonymous said...

It really is as steep as it looks. Just usually yer to busy looking downstream at the next horizon line. Or to busy boofin. love that place...


Anonymous said...

you guys are boofbastic

Anonymous said...

Damn guys... That goes down as one of the funnest steep runs I have done. Seems like you caught it with great weather to boot.


Luke Spencer said...

The Portland crew says what up!! Looks like what every kayaker dreams about. This is a run my buddy Chris Wilson has wet dreams over! Why we can't get our asses up there is the question. The creeks are pump'n here! BC in August/September and we will be look'n for some beta!