Sunday, April 26, 2009

PSA: Robe Race Details

Happy Spring everyone. We're targeting Saturday May 16 for the 2nd (possibly) Annual Robe Canyon Downriver Race.

Here are some relevant details:

* Teams of two

* Staggered start above Tunnel; finish at the beach below "Conversation"; +/- 5 mi.

* "Landslide" = mandatory portage

* Actual race date may be pushed out at 11th-hour due to flow considerations. Range = 4.9 - 6.5'ish (or however high racers are willing to go).

* This is an unsponsored, grassroots, non-event

* 1st Place team gets to take home the sweet winners' robes; Last Place team gets to take home & take care of The Robe Gnome for the next year

Interested in racing? Cool, please register your team asap by posting a comment below or emailing me your team members names & email addresses.

Interested in volunteering? Excellent, we need finish line timekeepers, shore support, & a couple safety kayakers.

Last year's race day was muy divertido! Here are a couple links to stories & lots of pics from last year:
Our own;

Also .. huge appreciation to my brother Tim for providing the artwork for the race announcement. This piece will also be embroidered on the backs of the winners' robes.

Feel free to post/email any questions, comments or shit-talking.


Todd Gillman said...

Thus far, the teams I have registered are:

Ben Hawthorne/Rob McKibbin
Chris Tretwold/Ryan Bradley
Shane Robinson/John Minerich
Erik Schertzl/Bryan Smith
Scott Waidelich/Jon Prentice
Hale Hanaway/John Dufay
Jeff Bowman/Morgan Hutchings
Brock Gavery/Todd Gillman

I know there's a bunch of other people who should be racing but haven't confirmed yet .. so let me know asap! Any Oregonians coming up this year?

Anonymous said...

the robe belongs in bellingham, the gnomes...Seattle!

Anonymous said...

Hah! Bellingham's going to need to put DOWN the weed pipe and put UP a way better team of racers than what's on this list before those robes ever go north.

Anonymous said...

If 1/2 those seattle teams can find thier way out of the coffee shops and actually go boating then seattle may have a chance.

Otherwise we can stop and smoke a bowl at landslide and still beat ya!

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the robes are still in Seattle not Bellingham.

Monk said...

Maybe if Seattle stacks the deck.

Hey, Todd, sign me up for timekeeper.

Shane Robinson said...

A. I hear that the Robe Gnomes don't like anonymity - sign your name shit talkers!

B. Stacking the deck is what its all about! Seattle will show up in force and keep those robes safe and sound.

C. I got third last year coming off the couch. I've paddled three times this year (count 'em) so who knows what I'm capable of!

Shane "Rumblestrip" Robinson

Anonymous said...

First. Seatown can stack the deck all they want. Odds are: Yup, you guessed it, MORE LOSERS!

Second: Third is not first. It is not even first loser so....whatever.

Third: Lets all see if we can all give some money to this event. Todds put alot of work and a solid bit of $$$ to make this happen. All for our enjoyment! GIVE!