Sunday, February 26, 2006

Alpental Pow Day

The planets aligned on Friday: a generous storm cycle followed quickly by a mass of cold high pressure coincided with a day off & a free pass to Alpental. These factors all conspired to get me up on the mountain for a day of high quality shreddin'. The team was Effigy, Josh, Ryan & myself, all united under the shaky leadership of Mayor Richard Packwood. We got 5th chair & had the pick of the litter for our first run. The conditions were perfect, but apparently half of Seattle had the same idea. We headed outta bounds after awhile & got away from the crowds & into some cool pillow lines & drains. Got a couple nice scenery shots below. No real action shots though. It was just too good to stop mid-run to take pictures!

Still hoping to put together a true "Sporting Weekend" combo of riding pow & paddling Class V, preferably on the same day, preferably 2 days in a row. The Little White has been good lately, so it may be in the cards this coming weekend if the weather cooperates.


Nice sunrise alpenglow @ Alpental.

Avalanche control, as viewed from the parking lot. Note the untouched courderoy on the bunny hill in the foreground. Effigy spent most of his morning going medium-fast on his snow blades on this little pitch.

Looking down on our first run tracks from the lift. Sweet powder 8's across the valley, eh?

Alpental backcountry niceness. No powder 8's or snow bladers out here, thankfully.


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