Monday, February 27, 2006

Knuckles unveiled at Echo Mt. Park, CO

Last week I got a funny email from my friend MIKE ARZT. The subject line read “It’s Alive! Knuckles”, & the email referred to something that was 17 feet tall, weighed 6-7,000 lbs, & was sprayed with 25 lbs of powder coat. In addition to that, there was a reference to ECHO MOUNTAIN PARK, which I had heard about earlier in the season -- a proposed terrain park on Squaw Pass between Idaho Springs & Evergreen, CO. Apart from this, no other info or visual support was offered, so I really had no idea what “knuckles” was all about. But given that Arzt, along with snowboard boot designer Marc Vitelli & ex-Burton guy Frank Phillips were known for their annual habit of fabricating super fun features for Loveland’s terrain park, I kinda put two & two together & guessed that they had now constructed something for the little shred spot that would be within spitting distance of their homes in Evergreen.

When the follow-up email came a couple days later, this time with photos, I was blown away. What is this thing??? It’s weird looking. And GINORMOUS! Clearly, they invested a ton of time designing & fabricating Knuckles. And it should be noted that the moniker was bestowed by none other than THE BABS. According to Vitelli, "They finally gave into our relentless badgering. We designed and built this unique feature for them over the past 4 months. Basically a 3 sided pyramid with an 8 foot tall cylinder on top."

Check the photos! Looking forward to some action shots of the local parkrats getting mad gnarly &/or wayrad (getting broken?) on this thing. It has now become even more of an impossibility to get 30-something Jib King Vitelli to venture out of the Evergreen zone.

Nice work fellas!!!

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