Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pandora's Box Update from Evan Ross

Que bueno!!

Young E-ROCK hath provided the goods! See below for choice visuals from what could be Colorado's best class V run. Hey, I ain't claimin', just sayin' .. it could be the best. At any rate, it's up there .. you just haven't paddled it yet.

Pandora's Box. So hot right now ...

All kidding aside, the above shot is beautiful .. an instant classic & I'm stoked that Ev let us publish it here. Thanks amigo!

The Durangotans have been venturing into Pandora's at higher flows recently. Ev reports that it keeps getting better with more volume .. scarier, but better.

This ever-growing range of runnability for Pandora's is great news for SoCO boaters as it truly extends the classV season & offers a toally viable option when nothing else is running, both at the front & back ends of run-off.

Thanks for droppin' by!

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