Monday, May 01, 2006

More Updates & CKS PaddleFest

I just realized how shafted I got. As Todd and Bryan take off with a big posse for Van Island Round 2, they leave me behind to study for finals and dump this teaser on my desk saying, "take care of it."

So, to quickly take care of things, here goes:

#1 We have another short film in the works that we will premiere at Colorado Kayak's PaddleFest. Check out the Teaser-mercial here

#2 The PaddleFest is going to be huge this year, and well-timed with an early and big Rocky Mountain Run-off...Don't Miss IT

#3 Here is the latest Text Message I got from Todd on Van Island:
Day one update. 1D of piggot cr. supersick. gorge after gorge gnarburger. putin rapid = 60 footer.
So, you better all check back soon to get the scoop. Or better yet, subscribe to our blog. On the sidebar (or perhaps the bottom if you are still using Internet Explorer) is a place to enter your email and subscribe. I have been using this service for months on other blogs, and you won't be spammed. You simply get an email telling you we have a new post. Click on the link and "snap" you are linked to us. It's neat-o.

#4 Finally, be sure to scroll down and check out all the cool photos E-Ross has been sending us about Pandora's Box in Colorado...Good Stuff.

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