Thursday, April 20, 2006

TRL Update

Little while back, we had this idea to spice up our e-zone with some credible voices from outside the TRL Inner Ring. In reality, the Inner Ring was either too busy with work, school or SNOLLERBLADING to do any quality work on The Blog & it got to feeling stagnant 'round here. ((Ed. note: I was joking about the snollerblading thing. We only know one boot grabbin' sled-doggin' snollerblader & you can find him HERE. And that's the truth.))

So, natch, we decided to tag some of our esteemed colleagues to fill the positions of "guest editor". The idea seemed novel & gained momentum. Some cool ideas were discussed: McCUTCHEN was going to be reporting/ranting on the importance & roles of online chat forums in our little community; EVAN DOTCOM planned a series discussing access issues or something like that; PACKWOOD was going to provide a list of recommended Nevada "Houses of Ill-Repute" along with detailed descriptions of the best & worst; Delavergne (peace) was planning his triumphant return to the blogosphere since being flamed by the Californians re the 7 Rivers Blog (which to this day remains the single most important kayak-related blog in existence, IMHO); & E.Ross was going to chronicle the strange (re)discovery of a classic Colorado classV run that had been lurking under everyone's noses for YEARS before he & some buds sorted it out. If you've been visiting our lame blog at all, you'd know that NONE of these plans came to fruition .. not a one.

However ... I did receive this tiny installment from young Evan Ross, who splits his time between Jackson & Durango, on the above mentioned Colorado classic:

Here it comes ...

Wait .. for .. it ....


"Bitches, Pandora's Box is running. Just a suggestion for the weekend. Evan Ross."


Wow, that was heavy. OK, so he included a couple photos too & that's really why I'm posting. I am without camera for the foreseeable future & no worthy submissions or material will be rejected!

Photos: Evan Ross

Whether it's the fright factor caused by what's written in the CO guidebook, or the fright factor caused by aggro gun-weilding landowners, (I'm betting the former kept people off in the past & the latter will keep people off in the future. It is extraordinarily access-sensitive) Pandora's remained a secret for many years until last year when Ev's crew began exploring. This run gets good early in the season before the Animas rages, & stays good well into the fall during low flow. If you are thinking about hitting it, it would be smart to touch base with a Durangotan first to get the beta.


Progress Report:
1. Bryan is still working on a real nice Rocky Mountain vid piece
2. I'm working on an mp3 player for the sidebar of this site, so you'll be able to listen to some rock n roll while you browse the site. I'm a caveman, so it might take me awhile to get it right.
3. The NW & BC is about to go off.
4. Check out my new favorite random blog, STUFF ON FIRE, straight outta the mean streets of Ohio. It's hi-larious.

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