Monday, May 22, 2006

Rocky Mountain Video Segment

Colorado's the place to be in May & June before everything turns brown .. when everyone's all abuzz with the seasonal excitement of spring runoff.

It happens every year -- starting in March, everyone's chompin' at the bit, tired of the relentless arctic blasts from up north & ready for Spring. THE BUZZ lights up with all kinds of hooey about how sick the runoff's gonna be and "Is Escalante running yet?" and "Bro, look at all these rowdy 1D's we're gonna do!" Of course, at that point, you're still a couple months out from any real whitewater in CO, but the bug has bitten & the excitement has begun. This energy carries through the first truly warm days of April, when the all the girls seem to mysteriously re-appear as if emerging from a hibernation far away from wherever you've been for the last 4 months .. & on into June when the mountains are green with grass & aspens & pocked with snowfields.

Then then something weird happens -- "PPD" ... Post-Peak Depression. There's still plenty of water to go around, but the levels are dropping. And that's not the only thing dropping. By & large, the collective motivation to really get after it wanes too & complacency takes over. Lazy afternoons sipping Rio margs & gorging on chips n salsa replace the frenzied mob scene on the creek or at the park. It gets harder to assemble a group to rally a couple hours for the weekend when they'd just as soon hang at home & do laps on the local run, even if it is mediocre .. or else just spend the weekend drinking PBRs on the porch .. maybe catch a Rockies game.

Then, before you know it, the college kids re-infest your neighborhood & you're faced with the harsh realization that Gore Canyon is all you have left. You try to console yourself with memories of the one sweet trip you took this summer & with the fact that it's biking/moto/fishing/studying season now .. and besides, deep pow days are just around the corner, right?


Let this be your call to action, Coolarado: Get after it this summer! Don't waste a minute of your precious time festering at the bar during daylight hours, or at the mall with your girlfriend & her mom, or working late & sucking up to your dockers-'n-golf shirt-wearin' boss, when you could be out adventuring around the great state of Colorado ALL SUMMER LONG. Take full advantage of it while you got it good & pack in as much as you can, cuz lord knows come next March you're gonna wish you had.

And with that drill seargent biz outta the way, we'll throw our little ROCKY MOUNTAIN VIDEO SEGMENT, produced by TRL for the CKS Paddlefest, at you for additional motivation ((nothing like a little Double Trouble beatdown footy to fire you up, eh?))

Not fun enough? Try this --> CLICK HERE

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