Monday, June 12, 2006

Back in the Saddle!

With record snowfall this winter here in the Sea to Sky corridor, there is no shortage of water at the moment in Squamish. The classics are thumping, we have been busy trying to remove wood from key creeks, and anticipation is setting in for some big missions this summer. After moving to Squamish last summer I have been eagerly awaiting Jonaven Moore's company on missions that actually involve boating not trying to pull logs out of rivers. All last summer he sat idle from the rivers nursing a shoulder injury and waiting for a slot to have his wing operated on. I can trust that his game is back on now after cleaning this waterfall in our backyard over the weekend. Check it!

Jonaven dropping the first waterfall on Mashiter Creek

photo by Kelley Schovanek

The sequence...dropping!

photo by Kelley Schovanek

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