Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Skookum Cr. Redux

Found some time to mess around with some more pics from our Skookum Creek trip.

But first .. journalist Joel Connelly wrote an AWESOME PIECE in today's Seattle PI about native tribes in BC successfully fending off acute development pressures in the legendary Stikine River drainage:

Seated in a large circle, flanked by a mountain plateau that is headwaters to great North American rivers, natives from northern British Columbia convened last weekend to keep the global economy from seizing their remote corner of the Earth. The robed tribal leaders vowed to resist "unwanted resource development" on land still vital for subsistence, and that the birthplace of the Stikine, Skeena and Nass rivers will remain "wild, beautiful and sacred forever."

As you may have heard by now, there's an existing IPP development application pending review on nearly every major freeflowing stream in BC. And with the Provincial Govt now claiming the authority via BILL 30 to override local & regional decisions on backyard energy developments, the future for BC's pristine watersheds looks grim .. particularly when the Province & certain native tribes are eager to sellout/decimate their own resource base to fuel the US's gluttony.

Click HERE to read the rest of the Connelly PI piece! And check back with the PI or here at TRL for Connelly's follow-up piece on the Stikine this coming Friday.

OK, enuff preachin' .. on to the mostly-boring Skookum pics:

The black hoodie is the new white wife-beater. Get with The New, or be recognized as a fashion disaster.

Andrew Oberhardt & his signature stripe-ed helmet.

Dorks scouting the lead-in to a mostly unscoutable - but perfect - waterfall.

Yeah, that waterfall is pretty much Perfect.

Chris Joosse about to drop, sight unseen.

Yerz trooly, spotting the landing for the first time.

"The prosecution would like to open with this evidence against the plaintiff ..." Brock

Smith, documentarian.

The coup de grace, the 60 that nearly broke us all .. & the undisputed pick o' the litter foto.

Over n' out amigos!


Anonymous said...

Howz the shoulder, TG?

Todd Gillman said...

Hi Anonymous.

The shoulder is doing pretty ok. I've been trying to stay on task with the thera-band exercises over the last month & as a result it feels pretty strong. I'm scheduled with a specialist next week .. he may have a different opinion. Thanks for asking!


Anonymous said...

You so sexy TG. Me get wet thinking about you.

Todd Gillman said...

Hi Anonymous .. I don't believe we've met. Perhaps we should!


DSD said...

You sure know how to adventure!
"Summit Stones & Adventure Musings By DSD"

Anonymous said...

brett hochmuth, here- from clear crrek rafting. ive got an important email to send you. send me your email adress, if you will, to