Sunday, August 06, 2006

Skookum Cr.

Skookum Cr. flows into the Mamquam River practically within city limits of Squamish BC. It's currently an abbreviated run due to a big piece of wood that completely blocks one of the gorges. Til that thing finally moves out, it would be deadly to run the upper gorges of Skookum. The bottom bits are still fun though. The main event 60-footer provided some interesting lines for several members of the team, including a couple who landed on their heads, & a couple who just really took a hit at the bottom in spite of otherwise "clean" lines -- a barely-aerated pool doesn't provide for very soft re-entry after a 60-foot vertical freefall. The Mission Destruct-O-Meter on this trip registered a dislocated rib, a dislocated shoulder, & an auto-eject-to-swim combo. There was also an interesting situation that resulted from a boat being accidentally dislodged from its perch at the eddy above the waterfall & subsequently setting a perfect line off the huge drop sans-captain.

Here are the pics courtesy of Andrew Oberhardt & German Max.

This guy .. he's a lawyer hiding behind a pair of Blue Blockers.

Dorks posing at the putin

Typical BC approach: steep & congested.

Horizon of the first big waterfall. It's a tough scout, so most of us just ran it on beta.

Chris on the lead-in.

Max. This kid is fired-up & living the life in BC this summer.

Andrew's got good style.

Joey V.


Brock on the the 60-footer. Apparently with more water you freefall for a bit & then reconnect with bedrock, setting you up at the perfect angle just before impact. That wasn't really the case on this day. It was definitely a 60-foot freefall into hard greenwater.

Andrew at the lip, pre-tucked.

Bryan Smith .. Love this shot .. he actually had a pretty good line here, even though it looks like he's gonna land on his head.

Me on the big one. Perfect line resulting in a blown shoulder.

Joey's boat after running the waterfall without Joey.

Broken Shane at the takeout.


B-rock said...

that was fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that you boys need to use a little US Forest service technology to solve that log on Skookum Cr

juiceman said...

Yea, that was excellent. Get better soon, man.