Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Contest: Photo Hold'em

Welcome to the Range Life's first contest.

What is it?
It is a photo contest with a little poker strategy. But mostly its just another excuse to get some more eye candy up for people's viewing pleasures.

How Do I Enter?
If you want to enter this contest, you must send a picture of yourself to by midnight on Nov. 3. This photo will be part of the contest and if we get more than 16 participants, these photos will be judged and only the sweetest 16 will get to play - so don't stretch you arm out and click. Make it count. Along with this photo, please include your full name, a brief description about yourself to intimidate, bluff, or otherwise psyche out the competition, and where you are from.

How Does the Competition Work?
On Nov. 5th, The entry photos will be posted here in a bracket fashion. Each competitor will be randomly pitted against another.

On Nov. 7th, ya'll need to go VOTE.

By midnight on Nov. 10th, you need to submit your first kayaking photo, which will be your entry for Round One.

On Nov. 12th, the Round One photos will be posted along with comments and results as determined by theRangeLife, as well as the new bracket for Round Two.

By midnight on Nov. 17th, if you are still in the contest you must submit your second Kayaking Photo, which will be your entry for Round Two.

On Nov. 19th, the Round Two photos will be posted along with comments, results, and the next round of brackets.

Nov. 23rd - Turkey Day. Be THANKFUL that we are able to be kayakers.

By midnight on on Nov. 24th, if you are still in the contest and not unconscious due to tryptophan, you must submit FOUR Kayaking Photos, which will be your entry for the Third and Final Round.

On Nov. 26th we will post the photos for the Third and Final round along with the announcement of the winner of the First Annual Range Life Photo Hold'Em. And in the words of Ricky Bobby, "If you ain't first, your last."

Definitions and Recommendations:

Photo of yourself: Get creative. This can be a self portrait, or taken by somebody else. It is not limited to the genre of kayaking.

Kayaking Photos: More Creativity, please. This does not have to be a kayaker in a river. In fact we love lifestyle photos, but feel that they are harder to capture in the form of a quality photo. The more unique and creative photos will do better, but ultimately we just want photos that capture the essence of kayaking. Feel free to add a short caption if you like, but this is not necessary.

Voting: Be sure to do it! If you want my opinion, vote third party and more specifically green party - I am sick of the two party power struggle. But just do it on or before Nov. 7th. Thanks.

Resolution: This is not a contest for only people with an expensive camera. I would encourage professional photographers and point-n-shoot users to enter. Let us know what camera you are working with and we will consider handicaps where necessary.

Size: I thought about requiring you to send me specificly sized photos. But fearing that I will not get enough participants this is not a mandate. However, if I need a tie-breaker, the photo that is sized at a maximum dimension of 500 on either side may win.

Of course, theRangeLife, reserves the rights to do whatever we want, and change this contest as necessary, so just play along, and feel free to ask questions as necessary.

Finally, in classic blog-community style...Anyone out there want to stoke out the winner? Manufacturers wanna send some prizes? Magazines wanna publish the winner? Other industry folk want to get involved? contact me at ShaneCRobinson(at)gmail(dot)com

A nice image of our favorite lawyer, who will be handling any legal matters concerning this contest.

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