Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A quick one ...

Got this image of a potential new 1D from TRL friend Owen Callahan up in Bellingham.

Owen sez:

Who knows what lies in the 200-300 yards between these shots...

I don't think I want to probe it, but maybe one of you hearty souls wants to give it a shot.

And this here's a special shout-out to our good friend B-ROCK GAVERY, a guy who hasn't been kayaking in a real long time & is starting to crack under the pressure. A guy who used to live for months at a time in a scrappy windowless van (spotted easily & often within striking distance of various suburban Seattle playgrounds), who now must jog from Ballard to downtown to work every day, & hundreds of miles on the weekends, in order keep from turning into the MICHAEL DOUGLAS character in FALLING DOWN. By the way, thanks for the comment on my last post sport! (Oh, & the check's in the mail ..)


juiceman said...

I'm up for a mission.
Heck, I've been off the water basically since skookum and I'm in danger of snapping. I got some rope, let's go scout!

B-rock said...

I went kayaking two weeks ago on a thursday with Tret and Beastman- the last time anything was running - and that was the day before I ran around Mt Ranier in 27 hours and some change ...BITACH - that whole time - while i was recreating the freaking hell out of WA state - you were licking your shoulder wound like a lil pussy cat and matching tears with other EMO/indi rock fans.

B-rock said... the way WHOA SNAP! That drop looks juicy. I can go on a scouting mission next weekend.

Todd Gillman said...

You are not invited.

Happy jogging!

Todd Gillman said...

Oh & according to Urban Dictionary:

"BITACH: A uncommonly used wrong spelling for the word 'bitch'. Usually used by gamers on crack."

Guess your secretary missed that one on spellcheck, huh?

Yer tie's crooked.