Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Range Life Happenings

So we made the PROMISE a while back that some good media was on its way, and as you know we haven't really followed through. Needless to say, the Range Life family has been a little pre-occupied. Until we find the ellusive "more time", here are some updates on what has been keeping us so busy.

1. Bryan Smith and Lise-Anne Beyries tied the knot.
Last weekend, skookumchuck was overrun with friends and family of Bryan and LA. They met each other at the wave, and as speeches followed the great food and drink, it turns out that many people met each of them initially at the chuck as well - obviously a special place for the couple.

This was the first boater/boater wedding I have attended, and it was a fun gathering for the kayak tribe.
Some of the usual characters in not-so-usual attire.

Earlier in the day, the couple took full advantage of eddy line-cutting privilages and photo-op wave time.

Beautiful setting, Beautiful Couple . . . congratulations!

2. Todd Gillman goes under the knife.
Last week, Todd went in for SHOULDER REPAIR. The long and short of the story is that surgery sucks, but hopefully he will bounce back with a stronger and more stable shoulder. He is already back to work and I was surprised the other night to see how much range of motion he already has.

Surgery doesn't stop the documentation and preparation for the VTH, it just makes for a more dramatic story ;-)

3. The Range Life goes 1/3 BIODIESEL.
CONSCIENTIOUS CONSUMERISM is the SILVER LINING to capitlaism, and I wish I could be announcing this in an effort to enoucage you to buy more of our stuff. Although, we currently have no stuff (hoping to make t-shirts one day) and our content is 100% free, I guess you can now read on knowing that our shuttles are run a little more eco.

And I'll just offer this bit of encouragement. Unfortunately whitewater kayaking requires shuttles, which require vehicles (often big ones), which require fuel, which usually is not good for the environment. It is easy to ignore this, and challenging to overcome this pitfall. It has taken me almost five years to pinch and save and get myself in a position to switch vehicles. So to all those out there fighting the good (and usually uphill) fight, keep it up!

4. Half the content, but twice the space.
We were all striving for a more grand announcement to the RIO HUALLAGA BLOG; however, that goes against the very nature of a blog, which has to start small and slow and grow to such grand nature. Thus, the VTH BLOG is up and running, albeit slowly, like us at the moment. But we have some ideas up our sleeves on how to fill both of these blogs with plenty of content to keep ya'll happy, so subscribe or keep checking in.

Also, be sure to scroll down to the next post, which contain the most comments we have ever received.



yetigonecrazy said...

Yo TG good luck on a speedy recovery, i know how you feel man!

Todd Gillman said...

thanks bro. it's healing up pretty well i think .. but i haven't even started rehab yet, so it's going to be awhile before i'm able to do much more than work/type/hang around ... gives me some time to really dig into my new job, which is a really good thing.