Friday, December 29, 2006


I. News

Happy days everyone & welcome to the recently revamped tRL space! tRL 3-dot Oh. Still a couple tweaks that need to happen & some others that I'm sure will become apparent soon enough. So here's what's new:

* a newly enlarged main window that gives us the option of posting higher-res photo files

* a new header image featuring the man, the zipper-head master, Matt Madaloni, & our "NPR Ripoff" logo up top

* a new 3-legged talking unicorn over there on the right (his name's Fauntleroy Southworth, in case you were wondering)

* a new, easier to read font-face throughout

* a new sidebar section called "Extracurricular Studies" featuring links out to our ever-expanding individual Delicious files & our Vacation To Hell Delicious files too. (don't know what Delicious is all about? click the link & get yr learn on then)

* I killed the mp3 player application. I loved that thing, but it sucked the juice out of load speeds. Plus, we're gonna be including more embedded video & flash slideshows in the future, so I wanted to free up some space for that

* our old archived posts are waaaay easier to access via the "TRL Public Record" dropdown feature

* & as always, if you enjoy this blog, it's best to just subscribe & have it delivered hot 'n fresh to your inbox in the mornings via RSS syndication. It only takes a second to do it, & we are USDA-certified Spam-free. Just do it. (bottom of sidebar)

II. Photo Holdem

So it's been a fortnight since our last Photo Hold'em round was posted. Predictably, the holiday festivus wrenched everything. But I'm back on the case & getting ready to drop Round 4, The Great Eight, in a day or two. Bonus! All the photogs who got schooled in the first couple rounds have been invited to submit one image for a last chance shot at advancing out of the Leuzer's bracket .. Stay tuned.

III. Good Read

Emptied the bookshelf in our office the other day & came across this excellent 2003 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PIECE on Vancouver Island. Thought y'all might enjoy it. Van Island -- so hot right now.


Bryan's newest piece of production wizardry, focusing on the amazing Ashlu river, can be found on the newest issue of LVM, #21. Check the methods below.

Photos: TG

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Anonymous said...

Haven't been by in awhile, and thought I was on the wrong blog for a minute. Not sure if I dig the changes (except for the unicorn). Especially the font...makes my eyes hurt. But maybe thats just my age.