Monday, January 01, 2007

Photo Hold'em ::: Round 4 ::: The Great Eight

Okay, after much holiday delay, we're back with another round of Photo Hold'em, The Great Eight. We'll continue to run the winners' bracket head-to-head like the Sweet 16, but without guest judges this time. See bracket below for pairings. Also, we've decided to invite all of the players who lost in previous rounds to submit one image for a last chance to fight their way back into the Semi-finals. The Leuzer's Round will be run separately to give the losers from this round the opportunity to enter a last-chance image. I've already received Leuzer's Round submissions from numerous photogs & there are some AWESOME shots waiting to be played .. just sayin'.

So without further ado, the Great Eight begins!

1. Chan Jones vs. Erik Boomer


Chan sez: "Adriene Levknecht finishing her first run of Sunshine on the Green. The cool thing about this photo is that it captures the Sunshine first-timer's wide-eyed look of surprise (and fright) at landing so close to a rock."


Boomer sez: "Damn dude, I have to go against Chan, he has been playing some good shit! I really need to come up with a doosey to beat him. I got a tattoo on my forearm, maybe some day I will get all tatted up like you."


2. Lane Jacobs vs. Brian Vogt


Lane sez: "Trip Jennings huckin' Koosah Falls last April. He ended up sticking the drop & even had the composure to put on his imploded skirt while upside down, & then handroll up. We were getting sketched out wondering why he was upside down for so long after he landed. Needless to say, we were definatley relieved to see him roll up. The heinous shelf on the river left is hard to see in this photo, but it is a major issue with Koosah. Karl Moser is filming from the cable above. There is a sick shot of Karl's angle on the end of Epicocity's film Mission:Epicocity."


Brian sez: "I got nuthin' to compete with Lane's big drops, so I'll take it in another direction. If you're gonna creek in an IK, you gotta be prepared to swim some shitty drops. Fish took a major hit after an incredible near-save, but couldn't pull it out. He's trained that boat well though -- nice boof for an unmanned boat with overnight gear. The drop is Landslide, from the Elwha."


3. Evan Ross vs. Evan Stafford


E-Ross sez: "Captain Get'n Western, Henry Munter, learning about weight distribution on planned-Day-3 of the unplanned 6-day first descent of the Onive River, Madagascar."


Dotcom sez: "This drop is the exit to the Forked Tongue Gorge on day 4 of a 5-day expedition. My competition, Mr. E. Ross, is pictured here performing the Bull Lake Tuck. The BLT is the only way through this massive hydraulic, which draws water back in from at least 30 ft. downstream. The lead-in is no lay-up either. Breaking waves hurl down a 20-degree slope between vertical gorge walls, before plunging into this drowning machine -- one of the toughest sections we encountered. It may be seen as risky to play a Face Card of my opponent, but this is is my second Ace, & regardless of who wins or loses, Mr. Ross is a stand-up photographer & an extremely talented padler. He has style you wish you had - & that is what makes this picture a winner - the Bull Lake Tuck. Plus he has a cool first name. So, to re-cap - my cards on the table are a wild card (Pete Stromberg on the Big South) & two Aces (Kyle McCutchen in the Weminuche, & now Evan Ross on the Bull Lake). A mighty fine hand if I don't say so myself."


4. Mark Basso vs. Barbora Hollan


Basso sez: "Reachin deep down into the bag of Kayak Life, sticking it out for all of us to remember what it's all about & always hoping for a few 'Hell yeah's' ... Aren't we all grateful that kayaking gives you things like true friends, the Beartooth Mts up close, & epic rivers of raging white waiting to be discovered under big blue skies? This snap is for all my friends who need a kick in the ass to get out & discover how amazing paddling can be all over this world. East Rosebud Creek, MT is only 500 mi from my house & I only just discovered it after a decade of boating. Cross those borders & get it done friends ... if you love the life paddlers live, then you know what I'm talking about."


Barbora sez: "It's from Venabu, shot on a really misty day. It's winter, you see, and it's going to last for at least another three months"



Kennet Belenky said...

I gotta hand it to Stafford. That's a really neat shot. Definitely my favorite for the round.

Basso? What happened?

I was feeling pretty OK about losing to Barbora because I was confident that, no matter what, Basso would trounce me in the next round.

Even with the unfortunate merging of the subject's head with the background building, I still like Barbora's shot more than Basso's.

No doubt, Basso's subject matter is beautiful, but the photo looks cluttered, gray, and out of focus.

eg said...

yall kknow that lane has more up his sleave. if he didn't why would he post such a photo in this round. Its obvious its the clearest, cleanest, and the best photo in there

Anonymous said...

For the uninitiated...what's a Bull Lake Tuck? And by uninitiated I mean me, the novice kayaker.

Sweet photos - incredible.


Anonymous said...

TF, the BLT in my words would go something like this. Failed Boof Stroke to plug, with a big helping of EXSPOSED left shoulder thrown in there.

I bet TG can tell you a little more about the Shoulder thing.

I'd also like to point out the killer safety Evan Staf was setting, being upstream of the hole and all. Thanks staff I always new you cared, haha.

Lastly Stafford, I think that the wonderful crowd of people we have voting on these photos will understand that a 6 day self support is always better than a 5 day.

Evan Ross

Anonymous said...

Un-intentional or not, Ross has a point - 6 self suppport days is better than five, but what he fails to adjust for is paddler style. Modest as always Evan's description of the BLT is not exactly correct.

The fact is a flat boof stroke was very hard to time due to the long sloping nature of the ledge. I believe E-RO intentionally pulled a perfect 50 degree duck dive stroke at the last possible moment allowing him catch some of the downstream currents under the maw of the hole and to re-surface well downstream. A beautiful move with yes, some shoulder exposure but about a hundred times better than the burning man plug.

And although the Madgascar whitewater presented in Ross's photo looks incredibly gnarly, I would not exactly say that the paddler depicted is styling it. Maybe one of your shots of me from Bull Lake would have done the trick.

And lastly young Evan, the safety I was setting was marginal at best... though I did have to climb hand over foot down a cliff wall to reach a ledge just about even with the hole to even run safety/get the shot at all. I had a throwbag in hand and strung out and believe you me, had the BLT not been successful you would have been mighty happy to have me there, hauling you out of the drink.

At least I didn't drop my boat into the limestone sieve gorge.


Anonymous said...

Staford's shot is the shit. Lane's could have been great but it's so dark you have to strain to see whats going on. When do we find out who won?

LJ said...

boomer, jacobs, stafford, hollan.

-now, lane just needs to throw up some pics of me and he's sure to win...

Kennet Belenky said...

Lane's got my vote over Brian this round. However, enough with the "guy at lip of huge waterfall" shots. Lane's played 3 of those in a row.