Saturday, March 10, 2007

Photo Hold'em | The Biggest Leuzer (Evan vs. Evan DEATHMATCH)

Hola poker fans! We're going to run the DEATHMATCH for 3rd place separately from the finals. Both of the Evans have played some killer cards throughout the course of the contest. And that's why they're still in it. This will be the round that decides which Evan gets to be the king of the Leuzers.

We've asked each Evan to submit a 3-card hand comprised of 1 previously played card & 2 new cards. Today, we'll show the previously played card & will turn over one of the new cards. Beginning of the week (or whenever I get time), we'll turn over the remaining card in each hand. And then they will each be judged based on the strength of their hands. The winner will get some 3rd place booty drop-shipped to their doorstep from one of our esteemed sponsors.

Let's roll .....


Let's look a little closer at those cards:

E-Ross' previously played card

E-Ross' first *new* card



Dotcom's choice for his previously played card

Dotcom's first of two *new* cards


So now it's time to make your bets. Who's holdin'?


Darin said...

E-Ross pulls away on this round for me. I love the sharpness and saturation in his previously played card. I dislike how the texture on the rocks is lost in shadow but this is a minor point. His new card is nice, the angle is a little mundane, I think the paddler being perfectly centered is part of that, but it's a sweet shot.

I love Dotcoms previously played card, this shot is beautiful and while I prefer the sharpness in E-Ross' s shot, I have to go with the moment captured by dotcom. Unfortunatley dotcom's new card has some overexposure issues and on the whole isn't nearly as inspiring as E-Ross's new card.

So is dotcom holding back and did e-ross already play his ace? Curious to see, nice shots boys.

Shane Robinson said...

Interesting that the Evan's squared chose to use a photo from their paddle assisted hike this past summer. The hike must be falling deeper into the memory, while the paddling experience rising with the anticipation that spring brings to every paddler. Also, a Big South card ... maybe playing to the judge's Ft. Collins roots???

Todd Gillman said...

From everything I've seen & heard about that "paddle-assisted hike", the actual paddling part of it - all 18 miles of it - seems to have *easily* earned its place in the six-pack of bests in the Rockies. BLC has to be one of the last really great wilderness/paddling adventures in the central Rockies. .. Just my read ..

I think people should actually place *bets* on the finals ;)

E.G. said...

ross has got 3rd fo sho, and im looking forward to the finales as well. arounious on all charges
evan garcia

Hale said...

I am going with dotcom on this one. I think his previously played card is one of the best in the entire competition. His new shot is not too exciting but he captures the charecter of the river.
Ross's previously played card is dope also, but his new one is not as unique.
All in all I think that these two guys deserve mad props they have been solid the whole comp.
The wHale