Monday, March 05, 2007

Photo Hold'em | The Championship Round Explained

Apologies for the long delay. I've been spread pretty thin lately. This post will serve several purposes. First, we'll name the 2 players who'll be advancing to the championships. Wow, that sounds important -- "the championships". I never thought I'd be presiding over any "championships". Anyhow, next, I'll try to explain how we're going to run this last round, as it will work a little differently than all of the other rounds. After that, there's a couple random update items.

I. The First Possibly-Annual TRL Photo Hold'em Championships game will be played between:


TRL wishes to offer massive gratitude to ALL of the players who ponied up & got involved in this little experiment .. & who put up with all our BS & procrastination. You guys not only kept the blog alive with your amazing photos during our downtime, but you actually helped us grow this thing into a fun little online community. So for that we salute you. The open invite stands for y'all to submit any future photos or stories or whatever if you want a place to dump them online -- y'all are family.

II. Here's how the finals will go down. Each player will play and be judged on their "hand", 3 cards of which must be previously played cards, and 2 of which will be new cards. Once we have the players' submissions, I will drop a post showing the 3 previously played cards in each hand but the 2 new new cards will remain face-down. We'll then "turn over" the new cards one at a time & watch the hand grow. Something like that anyway .. trust me, it'll be fun.

But wait, there's more! Since we have 3 sponsor prizes lined up, we're gonna have a battle for 3rd place -- the Evan vs. Evan DEATHMATCH. These dorks will each have to play a 3-card hand, 1 card of which will be previously played, & 2 new. Get it? Don't ask why, just nod your head & blink your eyes a lot.

So, players, please get your submissions in to me asap & I'll build it out.

III. UPDATER: Reports from up Chris T up north are that Bellingham's best backyard creek, Clearwater Creek, is clear of dangerous wood.

IV: UPDATER: Today is/was Daniel's birthday. In honor of the day & the man, Grace & a bunch of other Ashevillagers & friends of D's threw a Birthday Eddy Party on that one creek near there. More info on that can be found on LVM-TV's Clip of the Week .. You'll either have to suffer through several minutes of me blabbin' incessantly about nonsense (& watch me gracefully portage a rowdy class II rapid) .. or just fast forward to the end. (I love how they're building the drama & developing the story line for us: "Do The Range Life have a shot at completing the IR Vacation To Hell?" Dang, I dunno! Those guys are kinda hacks. I'd say they're a risky bet!) Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing some stories & seeing some vid from the Birthday Eddy Party. Wish I coulda been there ..

V. UPDATER: Our good pal Pretty Nicky did some South American travel recently as a follow-up to an earlier trip he'd done down there. He & his buddies are involved in some river stewardship projects down there & blogging it. The Source Loop is top notch writing & top notch photography .. Seriously, go there now .. and be sure to go to the Gold Link archives on the sidebar for lots more good stuff.

VI. FOTOS: couple shots from this weekends outings with Dubside & Bryan on Saturday, and with Kyle, Scott, Ammen & Chris on Sunday:



AllDay Wave


Crew in the cave

Tilton gorge


Anonymous said...

we got plenty of critiques and comments on the photos with some interspersed trash talkin in this little comment section from the final four photos, but you kinda leave us hanging by announcing the finalists so plainly. I'm just a little curious: what are your reasons for the choices you made?

Todd Gillman said...

1. darin over evan because his shot is so sharp it's now being used instead of lasers to make precision cuts on gemstones, because the color saturation is beautiful, because the framing is nice, & because evan's shot is too compressed. i cant see really anything in the foreground, i can't see the landing, & i can't see the boat. it's too obscured.

2. barbora over evan because, well, it's the lesser of two evils in my opinion. not that either shot is "evil", but i had a really hard time loving either one of them. i like the framing, motion & chaos in barbora's shot more. i think it's less boring. i don't like how both faces are obscured -- i'd rather be able to see the emotion. evan's shot, while in a beautiful setting, seems a bit generic to me & every time i'd look at the two shots side by side, i just gravitated to B's shot. it was a tough call for me.

i don't know what else to tell you.

Anonymous said...

Good work RangeLife, I'm loving the format of the finals. I think it'll keep it interesting. I especially love the Evan Vs. Evan matchup for third, too bad they're both pathetic little amoeba's whose mothers never let them breast feed, so now they torture the kayak world looking for that completeness they both missed during childhood....Nah I'm kiddin, they're both stellar stand-up individuals.

Anonymous said...

"pathetic little amoebas"

that's rich!

Anonymous said...

it was a joke, lighten up

Anonymous said...

i was giving you props, get a clue

Anonymous said...

Get a clue? u tryin to start somethin....just messin bro, i'm too bored if you can't tell