Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Can U do it???


Anonymous said...

"campo (16 hours ago)
I plan on driving, a lot, really far, and often, using as much fuel as possible while spraying aerosol cans out my window. What is the point of not driving for a single day? Nothing, not going to change anything. Nothing more than a big waste of time, you hippies.

p.s. I throw my mcdonalds bag out the window while I drive."

**straight off the 'U Tube.' What a typical citizen!

Shane Robinson said...


Once upon a time, citizens performed acts, such as protests or rallies or days of action (maybe even days of inaction ... think sit-ins). That was when politics worked for change, like civil rights, environmental rights, etc. I guess now we are all too worried about our self-interest and our precious "time" that we surely don't want to waste.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hippie ..read Headwaters Forest Defense v. Humbolt County and find out how what happens to defiant hippies performing a sit in.

Shane Robinson said...

Hey Anonymous .. Are you referring simply to the pepperspray? If so, that doesn't appear very relevant, as this suggested (in)action requires no gathering and I see it highly unlikely that police will be coming door to door to pepperspray individuals for not driving? But crazier things are happening by our government as I type, so you may have a point. If, however, you meant another portion of the case, I'll have a look at it after finals. Thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey whats up. As you prolly know that second comment on TRL was me - not the first - and it wont let me log in as anything else but anonymous for some reason. The joke was directed at your protest sit in comment; I was just musing about what happened to the hippies performing the sit in in that case - they had OC applied via q-tips.

Its a case plff's cite all the time in lawsuits against the police - you know the ones who have to deal with protesting idealistic national terrorists (college and grad students) who are unwillingly brainwashed and indoctrinated by radical collgeiate eductators with personal agendas and no grasp of relaity.

How are finals going?

Shane Robinson said...

I was a little uncertain as to who this was until the stubby fingers spewed out a "relaity."

Two down, three to go! Done on Friday, boating and drinking on Cinco de Mayo!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they had to do that on a Sunday, it was my only day off to go paddling

Atom Crawford said...

you guys need some new content. Put some shots up of the stuff you have been running to train for Peru. I need my fix. Hope all is going well and amped for the Hell trip report. Atom..