Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Party Plan

Hey everyone, this is just a reminder that we are throwing a multimedia party, no, make that an "extravaganza" .. TONIGHT, Friday, at +/- 7pm .. at Seattle Raft & Kayak.

We'll be playing Bryan's new Ashlu documentary, & I'll be sharing some slides, no, make that some "photo-memories", from some amazing recent paddling missions up in the Great White North.

We'll provide a bunch of cold New Belgium Beers .. & Red Bull. If you prefer your RB mixed, you'd better plan to bring a cup & your favorite mixer.

So, if you're in the area, please stop by & just see if you can convince Robinson to defile his "temple" with a beer.

What's on tap for the weekend? Robe .. Icicle .. ERNIES???


Anonymous said...

I remember when that Mr. Robinson used to tell me "tequila kills AND cures everything!" ...and believe me, he was adiment about that!! lol
Hope all is going well fellas. TG congrats!


Shane Robinson said...

oh, I still use tequila to "cure" from time to time ... it just that silly beer thats so toxic ;-)

Anonymous said...

back here it's the tap water! -TS

Monk said...

Is that noneother than Hale Hanaway stepping up and stomping out a big scary drop in little ol' BC?

Todd Gillman said...

"Is that noneother than Hale Hanaway stepping up and stomping out a big scary drop iin little ol' BC?"

No, it's actually a blow-up doll we sent off the drop (Schertzl happened to have one in his truck). Any resemblance to an actual person is purely coincidental. I've heard of this Hale you speak of though .. he sounds like someone you'd want to keep your distance from.

Hale said...

You betta watch yo lip boyeeee!!! I come atch you like flava flav and smack you upside da head!!! I dont know karate, but I know carazzy!!!!Biiiiatch!!!