Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eco Tidbits & More

As most (hopefully all) of you are aware, we are approaching EARTH DAY, and I believe some have even begun to call April, EARTH MONTH. Maybe some of the environmental problems we face today will one day be overcome when we all realize that Mother Earth deserves special recognition and appreciation every day, not just one or 30 ... but I digress, thats not my point in this post. Several commentators to Bryan's recent POST asked what they could do to help on the Ashlu. In my experience, it is always best to represent yourself as an individual with direct communication to the powers that be - in this case the Provincial Government of BRITISH COLUMBIA. However, there are other avenues to affecting change, and I thought I'd list a few opportunities that are approaching:

1. In the above mentioned comments, one commentator mentioned THE BC CREEK PROTECTION SOCIETY. This probably won't help the ashlu per se, but it will help other rivers in the region facing similar fates. Check it out.

2. AMERICAN WHITEWATER has a new membership goal for the year. 7K IN '07. If you are not yet a member, no more excuses, sign up people!

3. STEP IT UP 07 is a great activism campaign happening this Saturday, the 14th, find an activity in your area and get involved. Or better yet, CREATE AN EVENT and get all your friends on board.

4. PULSE OF THE RIVER is a new book out about the environmental struggles facing the Cache la Poudre River in good ole Ft. Collins, CO, BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT AS WELL.

6. A bit closer to home, there will be a PARTY in May to raise funds for the Hoh River on the pennisula, one of Washington's finest rivers.

7. Don't spend all your money there because we are going to be hosting a video night and party at SEATTLE RAFT & KAYAK on May 11. Mark your calendars and keep you eyes peeled for forthcoming details. Also, click that link and check out the other events coming up at SR&K.

Finally, we are always trying to balance the desire to put a zillion links and other features on the side bar of the blog with the aesthetics of a clean look and feel. One relatively new feature we added was a Delicious Link Roll. It shows the latest five links added to our Delicious file. Check it out from time to time for somewhat related links while your wasting time at work. We each have personal Delicious files for even more varied and off-topic material. Also, check out tRL friend Matt Quann's video on some Mt. Biking peeps.

Now get back to work, so you can get outta the office and go boating this evening!


E.G. said...

you guys need to stop being a bunch of hippies and go back to the kayaking side of the force and maybe even finish the photo comp. do it

David said...

Love the site, but I can't get the Atom RSS feeds to work!

Shane Robinson said...


Everything looks ok on our end, but I'm no tech guy. I would recommend poking around Feedblitz.com (assuming you signed up for a feed on our subscription box). If not, try doing that. Good luck.


I'll take the hippy comment as a compliment, thanks :) The photo hold'em conclusion is in Todd's court at the moment, and he's a little busy, but well aware of the fact that it needs posted. Have a little patience ... peace and love, brotha!