Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ernies Junk Show

ERNIE'S CANYON was the target of choice on a recent sunny spring day. To our knowledge, no one had been in there since the floods, wind-storms, and several low elevation snow/ice storms of the winter. Our paddling form, the latest version of the rock positions, and hiking out through the CLEAR CUT forests left a little to be desired. Two general comments: There were no wood issues in the upper half of the run. Also, I think (and I stress that this is my opinion) that the gauge may now be off. The flow was 650 dropping to 600. It may be early season timidness, but it felt more like 850 in there. Certain parts of the river definitely had more water in it than normal 650 flows. Whether its due to shifted channels or an incorrect flow reading, I am not sure, but it felt juicy in there. Be cautious about the flow you choose here until this is more resolved.

The lower portion of FerryLand has definitely changed, as illustrated in this photo. The old line would be boofing just river right of the black rock in the middle of the shot. From a less than ideal scout on river right, I would suggest running the old sneak left (note that the local beta sez there is a new rock in the landing), then eddy, then either bash through all this or consider one of the two far left lines. Also, the right line looked like it deserves more consideration. But I will say that portaging high on the right was not fun.

Sampson & Delila has also changed. This used to be one continuous L-shaped ledge. Now, three-ish ledges. The upper main line appeared to be different and the upper left portion of this rapid have definitely changed as well. btw, the main hole now likes to push you into an overhanging rock wall that doesn't like to let you roll up. Not that I would know first hand or anything, just sayin.

Utah dropping into Room of Doom. Everything seemed the same here, but the line that is in the middle of the shot looked like a really fun boof. New line due to rocks moving or different flow???

Utah entering Cluster. This is a very difficult line to position yourself from scout to execution so pay attention people ... Utah is in the perfect entry position (in my opinion).

Exiting Cluster. This rapid may have changed for the better. The log appears to have slid downstream making the slot more of a water slide and less of a ledge hole. The pillow was huge, and again this all could be dut to a potentially larger flow than the gauge was reading.

Below Stump Jumper which appeared to be unchanged, one boater decided to try a new rodeo move in an innocuous hole resulting in an Eskimo role. The other boater following in classic Blue Angel Formation pitoned rodeo star mid Eskimo roll, resulting in some bruised ribs. The Bruised ribs led to evacuation via the heinous clear cut forest - picture 10 year sapplings growing 10 inches apart and thorny plants everywhere. Wash Hell-Fuck that made Tatlow's put-in look like a walk in the park. Thus, Little and Big Nasty, Gotta Want It, Vertical Vortex, Bruce's Boil, Tread-Wall certainly deserve a scout and cautious approach.

The shuttle scenery has also changed for the worse.

One positive note, however, is that there is now a proper take-out parking area for us. And an interpretive river trail is being built heading downstream for you multi-sports who want to get a jog in pre/post-boating.

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Anonymous said...

holden on the hold 'em?

Todd Gillman said...

i'm in colorado interviewing for a job. i'll have the holdem results up early this coming week. promise. sorry about the delay.