Saturday, August 04, 2007

Little homesick?

So we´ve been in Peru for almost a month now & I can honestly say I´m looking forward to getting on the plane to come back home. I miss my comfortable home routine & my dog & my bed & my bike & the food & of course, all my friends ..

Also, after looking through a bunch of old TRL BC posts, I cannot wait to get back for BC season! Apart from the usual World Class stuff, we have at least a couple exciting missions in store for this Fall that I´m totally fired up about.

Of course, none of this is to say that I don´t absolutely *heart* Peru .. This place & its people are amazing, & I´m already plotting my return. Just that at heart, I guess I´m more Ugly American than I thought -- well, make that Seattleite -- & I´m just ready to be back home now.

The boys should be returning from the Apurimac Abysmo hopefully today. (I had to bail on day 3 due to a bad illness, which I´m just now starting to recover from.) Looking forward to their report!

Keep yer eye on the VTH Blog for our forthcoming day-by-day trip reports & photos from our epic Huallaga mission. We´ll have that updated as soon as we´re all in one place with a fast connection.

See ya stateside soon!


Hale said...

Did you guys leave your boats at the bottom of the Rio Huallaga canyon?

Todd Gillman said...

Hale --

You've got questions.

We've got answers.

But you'll just have to keep your eye on the Vacation To Hell blog .. which, admittedly, we've been slow in updating. We're all trying to get used to our old lives, I'm back at work now, & with 4 people working on it, it just takes longer. Sorry bout that.

See you thursday night?