Sunday, August 19, 2007

Welcome Back to BC!

Within a week of getting home from Peru, the TRL crew was already talking big about BC missions. Tatlow, Stein, Clendenning, Ashlu, Homathko, Dean ... all sorts of ideas were being tossed out there. For Andrew, Shane, and I, we had just come off the Apurimac Abysmo (that story is coming shortly here on TRL) and were feeling fit for some big water missions. Todd, having missed out on that mission due to illness, was more pumped than ever to just go kayaking in BC. I flew home from Peru, went straight to Outdoor Retailer, and by the time I got home to Squamish, Gillman was hounding me for logistics help on the Stein. A big group of mostly Portland peeps were rallying a trip -- 14 of them to be exact -- and Todd managed to get the last slot. So welcome back to BC at the perfect timing! I ended up running shuttle for the group and then started pounding the pavement for boaters keen on getting into Tatlow.

Todd sez:
Bryan -- Sounds like everything in the lowerBC zone is coming into prime levels just as we're back in the 'hood .. the next couple weekends are fixin' to be very good :) Hey, the Stein was just what the doc ordered! A couple days of BC wilderness, good friends, an 8-mile-long rapid, salmon, bears, Blue Blockers .. & the logjam portages weren't half as bad as I'd thought they'd be .. it's hard to imagine a better weekend. Thanks again for the shuttle service .. that was critical! I've attached a couple photos that some of the guys forwarded, & HERE is a link to Joey B's Picasa album from the trip.

That's 14 kayaks & a hell of a tie-down job (thx for the photo Dan Jursnick!)

That's definitely not Stein Lake (photo: Dan J)

B-Rock taking the sneak line on the first significant rapid (thx for the photo Joey Baranski!)

Kelly stomping (photo Dan J)

Camp 1 (photo: Joey B)

All 14 of us just before running the 8-mile-long rapid on Day 3 (photo: Joey B)

And at the bottom of the 8-mile-long rapid where the Stein meets the Fraser (photo: Joey B)


Anonymous said...

Sneak line my ars!


jimb said...

we want more pictures