Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Prayer For Daniel

Listening to an especially good PATAGONIA DIRT BAG DIARIES PODCAST I was reminded of a certain friend and a certain photo ...

When Daniel DelaVergne passed, I put a picture of him on my computer.

And one up on the magnet board above my desk. At some point I contemplated taking them down, but decided that he would stay until we finished the Rio Huallaga and returned safely, all the while providing motivation and inspiration just as he always has.

Then, at the first camp on the Huallaga, Bryan pulled out the same picture I had above my desk and explained to the group that Daniel was with us in more than just spirit. Every camp, we would pull out the photo and find a good spot for him.

We returned from Peru, safely, just over a month ago, and Saturday night the Vacation to Hell torch was passed as IMMERSION RESEARCH announced the winners of the 2007 VACATION TO HELL.
Congratulations, Team Sweetwater!

A Prayer for a friend ... The DD Section of the Huallaga
The picture stays! Thank-you Daniel for everything!

btw, SR&K is hosting us for a slide show of the Huallaga trip Monday (tonight) night. Come CHECK IT OUT it out if you are around Seattle!

peace ...


Anonymous said...

When I lived with D in asheville he really had positive words on TRL and really liked the Seattle scene when he would go to the symposium. He even said "I think I'd like to live in Seattle" which was a shocker if you know the TDUB boys and how they feel about the home turf. He is still an inspiration to us all, Not fade away.

Todd Gillman said...

hey, thanks for posting that comment. prolly the nicest one we've ever gotten on the blog.

needless to say, D was a huge inspiration for us, in a lot of ways over the years.

last time he was here, he said he could only think of 2 other places in the US that he could see himself living. and they were both in the Norfwest. we woulda been blessed to have him here .. even though i doubt it woulda ever really happened.