Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Tatlow Buzz

The 2007 season on Tatlow Creek has been so f-ing incredible! While the normal window of Tatlow is somewhere between 7-10 days in August, an avalanche across the river at the put-in is the latest theory for why the run has continued to hold at perfect flows for over two weeks now. Austin Rathman and myself have been going head to head for record number of Tatlow laps in a year. Now that he has bugged out of BC and I still got a few days left to rack up some more laps, I think I got it in the bag. I'll be at 8 laps by the weekend. Non-media laps are coming in at around 45 minutes now.

With all the shit slinging in the latest LVMTV, I could not resist getting something up while it is still fresh. Stafford... last I heard you were suppose to be in BC. What Colorado a little dry this time of year? Grace...keep smoking that pipe it goes well with coffee from Starbucks. You do have Starbucks in Asheville right? You are gonna need some coffee to finish the edit of VTH.

So THIS SHORT will serve as a quick video guidebook to the Tatlow, and as a teaser for a short Tatlow documentary I will have out here soon. Every drop in the Tatlow is shown in sequence here besides the one or two boogie rapids in between a couple of the bigger ones. Enjoy!


Shane Robinson said...

you forgot to mention that there are no, as in Zero, portages on the TAT this season. Not that I would know first hand ... F@#K!*%& school. First year I will likely miss Tatlow :'-(

Nice work, Bryan!

Todd Gillman said...

Not true.

The piece o' shit rapid at the bottom (upstream of the final triple ledge series) is a MANDATORY PORTAGE now, as every channel is choked with wood & very dangerous. The portage is very non-intuitive, so if yer gonna run Tatlow this year, get the beta from someone who knows what's up.

Also, just upstream ... the 15-footer right below the 45-footer -- the one that is usually always portaged -- is even sketchier this year, as both the pool at the bottom of the 45'er & the eddy upstream of the 15'er have changed.

Anonymous said...

Sick! Cant wait to see the documentary!

Bryan Smith said...

Yea it ain't really a zero portage run because of the manky log drop that Todd is speaking off. That one has actaully gotten worse with a new log that shifted this week. It is the rapid right below the log waterfall and is best portaged on river left now although we did crawl over the log again when Austin and I were in there Tuesday.

Besides that every other rapid has been run on each lap that I have done. The log waterfall still gets more jumpers than huckers. Little Dave's get the heart rate going, but I have run it every time this year. Same with the ledge above the big one. Most crews have been running all the way through to the log waterfall.

The big drop changed for the better, as the pool below is backed up a bit more with a log jam at the entry to the log waterfall. Also the logs have left the left side of the big one. Austin was threateneing to run that line. It is marginal, but someone will probably do it.

Tatlow has always been and continues to be a run that you want someone in the group to know the lines. Lots of places that are next to impossible to scout and you benefit huge by beta. We have been getting comfortable on it this year, but it still demands mad respect. There are plenty of carnage stories that will make the final film and lots more stories.

Good ole' Tatlow...thanks to Joanven Moore for finding that one!

E.G. said...

Thats sick yall. BC is so dam good! this year was my first time up there. Got tatlow 4 times..epic run man. As clean as it gets, and big without getting too scary. That little boy who did the misty off the throw&go he is...well...good lookin' I'm jelous of you folks up there and happy that the stikene got the 20th group this fall congrats Max and Austin, you guys were charging some big shit blind, good for ya!!


Anonymous said...

Hey - with all those laps and multiple swims - any one find my wedding ring in there?

Anyway, Tatlow is so f-ing good its worth waking up at 330 am in seattle to drive to Tatlow, putting in at 130 pm, taking out at 230 pm, and then driving right back to seattle to be in bed by 10pm. I would not recommend, however, doing the trip with the flu which I finally accepted that I had at about 10:25 pm. I will Spare details.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian
Did you ever actually get that 8th lap? I got number 9 on sunday!
I'm not going in that low again, a piton on the wall and 3 swims (first I've seen on the creek), including a rope extraction out of the 1st portage. I know I'll never run that rapid, and it would be much harder to get a rope back there with more water. Anyway, it's awesome that the carnage has been minimal and so many people got on the epic creek this season.