Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

In case you missed it, today is BLOG ACTION DAY. Since we are a blog, and since we kinda like rivers and they are part of the environment, here ya go ... a few links for your reading pleasure. Despite THIS, I woke to THIS STORY on NPR this morning. Also, THIS site has alot of great eco news and a pretty good blog, so check it out. Also, THIS blog is pretty good for the latest river-related news. So consider calling a representative or writing a letter to the editor or donating to your favorite cause today. (just don't leave some self-righteous claiming comment, Brock!)

And scroll down to check out some great shots from the Box!


Shane Robinson said...

This just in, an easy way to take an action:


Chas said...

Todd, Bryan & Shane,

Thanks for the river plug on Blog Action day!

Btw, great photos on trl.


Shane Robinson said...


It was only fair, since it was your organization's email that notified me of the day. Keep up the good work!