Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Powder Day on The Robe

First, if you haven't seen these surveys on American Whitewater, please take the relevant one:

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Now, on to the action:

One aspect of snow riding activities that I find truly unique and enjoyable is that of the POWDER DAY! Sure other activities have perfect conditions, but usually not with such a fleeting occurrence like that of getting fresh tracks on a deep day, which cause people to act with such reckless abandon toward their given daily and life responsibilities. However, Tuesday, October 23 was a Powder Day on Robe canyon ... and it coincided with my Birthday necessitating actions of irresponsibility in favor of pure joy.

Below is how the conditions set up:

This was supposed to be the day for Robe ... perfectly aligned on the day before the workweek, and following a week of rain that had everybody excited to get out on the local runs. However, another system moved in too early pushing the local runs into the extra juicy levels and pushing most paddlers in the region in search of that perfect latte.

10/22 @ 11:03 pm
Todd sez via email:
looks like tomorrow is going to be the EPIC fluffy flow & sunshiney day on robe. i'm bummed i can't do it.

10/23 @ 9:57am
Chris T. sez:
Wayrad and I had dawn patrol on c-water this morning, we were boofin ski jump when ya'll were just rubbing sleep out of yer eyes!!

While I had long since been up when they were getting their boof on, it was my Bday and I was feeling less than satisfied with the boating that took place over the weekend. I started thinking about how nice it was outside and maybe I needed to rally another dawn patrol for the following morning.

10/23 @ Noon - 65 degrees
Step outside from morning classes and this odd yellow sphere-shaped object is in the sky causing symptoms such as squinting, perspiration and thoughts of irresponsibility.

10/23 @ 12:02
Thinking there is a slim chance I can rally anyone today on such short notice, but knowing that its going to rain tomorrow, I call Chris T to see if he wants to double down on kayaking for the day. He sez that he's got a dentist appointment in a couple hours.

10/23 @ 12:03
I call several other local paddlers who either can't go or are not answering their phones.

10/23 @ 12:04
As I am about to give up on the mission, an incoming call from Chris T. The dentist appointment has been rescheduled and its on! Meet at the take-out at 2pm.

10/23 @ 12:05
I call Utah ... no answer. I call everybody else I know who might have any slim chance of joining the new momentum.

10/23 @ 12:15
I know Utah is not working and probably sleeping, so I call again. I wake him up this time and he says he'll call back in 5.

10/23 @ 12:20
Utah is in!

10/23 @ 1:30
Cruising down I-5 with minimal traffic and the windows down, sunglasses on, and arm out the window. All I'm missing is a flaming elbow tatoo.

10/23 @ 2:40
Riverside - 70 degrees!

10/23 @ 3:45
72 degrees and Utah is surfing in Mrs. Robinson's ... again!

10/23 @ 3:53
74 degrees and hitting the huge boof at 6.0 feet on Magic Fabric!

10/23 @ 4:40
Beers at the Take-out, sun is still shining, Utah is banging rays, and I know this is exactly where I was supposed to be at this very moment!

Winter is coming! Whether it is the first powder day of the season in the snow or the last sunny powder day of the year on the river, do your best to make sure you are exactly where you need to be on that day when it comes!


Ben said...

is robe canyon on AW i have not been able to find it

Ethan said...

happy bday, shane!

Shane Robinson said...

Thanks, Ethan.

Ben, look under the Stillaguamish, S. Fork watershed. Then it's titled: 3-Verlot to Granite Falls (Robe Canyon Run).

Enrique' said...

You spelled "tattoo" wrong ya freakin' bonehead. However, very poignant message about the freedom a flaming elbow tat (hanging out the car window on a sunny day) provides. It's like riding a Harley...only WAY kewler.

Thanks for the homage.

p.s. TG made it through Leap Of Faith/Catcher's Mitt on Saturday. WHEW!!!

Todd Gillman said...

& Shcurtlze actually made it to the takeout ... in a kayak. "WHEW!!!"

i think every one of us has a rapid that just has our name on it .. that no matter how many times you do it, it's always uncomfortable. for you, Szherdl, that "rapid" may just be "water in general" .. for me, it's becoming apparent that it's The Leap of Mitt.


Shane Robinson said...

Hey Schurtlz, are you really pointing out my spelling flaws? And have you even ridden a Harley ... poser!

Anonymous said...

which one is magic carpet? mrs robinson's is the riverwide ledge just below conversation, right?
just when i thought i finally knew the name to all the robe rapids...

Enrique' said...

Listen's all for your own good.

Never been on a Harley...'cause I'm a cowboy...on a steel horse I ride...

TG - there's a pretty easy portage on river-left fyi. And you can set safety there as well. Sumpin' to consider? I've always seen you do fine at The Mitt...don't know why yer gittin all twitchy.

I'm sure I'll git mine.

Shane Robinson said...

Dear Anonymous,

Not "Magic Carpet," and I believe I was incorrect also with "Magic Fabric." Apparently, it is "Miracle Fabric." Regardless, it is the true exit drop below Mrs. Robinson's, which most people run through a little slot boof on river right. It's like a class III+ drop before the flat water paddle out. I was told the name comes from a time ago when some piece of fabric was hanging in the trees for several years. Thats all I know. What about the rapid at the take-out, any names for that thing? Anyone out there know any other obscure rapid names in The Robe?