Thursday, December 06, 2007

49 Megawatts DVD

Over the past few years this labor of love we call The Range Life has established a voice in BC that resonates with many kayakers around the world. We have published some incredible stories, photos and video from our backyard paradise, given out the critical beta on the great runs in Southwest BC, and perhaps most importantly, we've taken a stance that free-flowing rivers are an absolutely crucial part of BC's future prosperity. We have voiced our opinions, raised awareness, and created some controversy. We've expressed to the world that we are paddlers who care deeply for the places that feed our spirit and inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries of the sport.

Now we turn it back to you, our loyal subscribers, fan club, haters, hecklers, and fellow dirtbag river lovers, with this humble but important and request...


By owning 49 Megawatts, you will have the opportunity to build on our grassroots Ashlu-focused intitiative and shine the light on the very real threats to ALL of British Columbia's threatened watersheds. And at the same time, you will be supporting our continued involvement in the issues on the front lines.

OK so if you have not clicked on the BUY NOW button above and you are still reading, then I guess you need some convincing. We are not embezzling your money to go kayaking, we are asking for your support to help us continue to produce media that convinces more than just kayakers to stand up for the rivers. So here are the details on why TRL is launching 49 Megawatts on DVD.

1. Since releasing the 49 Megawatts download on the web, we have been asked by numerous people when it would become available on DVD. The goal with this film was education and generating awareness -- not making money -- so we chose to delay the DVD release in order to allow the story to spread fast and free, which it certainly has. But now we need to get it out in a format that can be shown on televisions and projection screens around the world. Since so many people have asked for it, we are now offering it.

2. The production of 49 Megawatts was financed 100% out-of-pocket, and out of a desperate need to get the word out on how endangered the rivers of BC are. It started with attending all the public hearings on the Ashlu 3 years ago. We then started collecting historical footage of the Ashlu in it's natural state, then we set out to capture amazing kayaking footage from aerial ziplines, with the help of MATT MADALONI. We then chased down politicians, biologists, industry veterans, local residents, fishermen, and many others who had something to say about the Ashlu issue. All the while, we went up to the Ashlu day after day as the destruction of the valley began and continues. The story was then edited into a documentary-style film, to become a useful piece for a coalition of organizations concerned about the rampant privitization of public resources.... Point is, we have more hours wrapped up in this film than you might imagine. If you like what we produced, then PLEASE consider supporting us with this project. Simply put, it will help fuel our continued efforts to produce media that makes a difference.

3. We are also including on the DVD BC Summer 06, a sweet 5-minute short on the Abysmo section of the Apurimac in Peru, and the Tatlow Teaser. BC Summer 06 won the 2007 National Paddling Film Festival Best of Show award and to date, has never been released on DVD. All people have seen thus far is the low-resolution web version, so pairing it with 49 Megawatts was a great opportunity to get it out on DVD. The Abysmo piece, according to Todd (if you believe anything that guy says), is by far the coolest short TRL has produced to date. You will have to buy the DVD in order to see this one right now. We will put it up on TRL evntually, but it is the added bonus incentive for those who step up and purchase the 49 Megawatts DVD.

If you are still not convinced...please see reason #4

4. Come on people! The DVD is only 15 bucks. You help fuel a good cause, get some classic TRL footage, and it only costs as much as a 6 pack of beer in Canada. Besides, it's Festivus and your wife/girlfriend needs a stocking-stuffer, right?

5. If you are still reading ... don't worry TRL will still bring you free web-based media for the foreseeable future. Maybe you just don't have a physical address for us to ship the DVD to 'cause you are a dirt who lives out of your rig. Maybe you don't have $15 to spare. Maybe you are hoping Santa will pull the trigger for you instead.

We beleive in freedom of speech here at TRL, so speak up by purchasing a copy of 49 Megawatts, or speak up by posting your lame excuse in the comments, and we will exercise our own freedom of speech to berate you to the fullest extent of our capabilities.

Seriously though ... From all of us at TRL, Thanks for the support and Happy Holidays!!


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Shane Robinson said...

Thanks for finding and reading our blog. We've been a little quiet lately, but the boats have been on the rivers lately, and missions are being planned in the near future. We love comments, so feel free to share your thoughts whenever you are so inspired :)