Friday, December 07, 2007

Win a Kayak Session Subscription!

We have a huge thanks to go out to Matt Trebesch of Belgrade, Montana for being the first to purchase a copy of 49 Megawatts! Matt does not even paddle, but runs the website THE FRONT RANGE and is an avid fan of TRL.

here is what Matt has to say...

"There’s a blog I like to frequent called The Range Life. TRL, as they like to be called, is comprised of a few whitewater kayakers who like to paddle in small, extreme gradient streams especially in British Columbia. I like the blog because they document what they do, when they take time from their lives to partake in a sport they’re passionate about. They usually have some great video and photos of their expeditions (or missions, as they call them) paddling some really crazy water. I’m frankly fascinated by the beauty of where they paddle, and the extreme nature of their sport. They always seem to come out alive, after paddling in some of the most remote, rugged and beautiful country I’ve laid my eyes on."

I have tried to explain to so many people that we are not just in it for the gnarly whitewater, but the sheer beauty that you experience in these river canyons as well. I love how Matt, a non-paddler, can relate with not only the crisis on the rivers here in BC, but the remote and rugged wilderness that we expose through our media. We instantly connected on another issue that Matt explained...

"We need to partner up with guys like you to put pressure on government to deal with these out of control corporations. We have some of the same issues here - in fact a Canadian based coal mine, the Lodgepole Coal mine (being spearheaded by the Cline Mining Corp) threatens the WHOLE of the flathead watershed. This basically originates North of Waterton and Glacier National parks...Check out the VIDEO that details this situation. 'll quit my rant, but just know that I'm happy to help your cause. It's good we have folks like you out there to bring this to our attention."


We will be giving away 3 more 1 year subscriptions thanks to KAYAK SESSION for the next three weeks to people who purchase 49 Megawatts. If you happen to be one of the lucky numbers we select each week you will get your picture on TRL and a subscription to the best whitewater mag out there. Not a bad deal eh?


BJ Puddles said...

'yall check out
Chunder Boy Lives!
Chunder Posse Unite!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Totally different watching the film on my tv screen vs my computer. Nice work on 49 Megawatts. Very impressive coverage of important issues. It was also a surprise to get all the bonus footage.

Bryan Smith said...

Glad you enjoyed the high resolution version and all the extras!

Someone is going to get the second free subscription in the next couple days if they step up like their peers and support the efforts.